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Best Tyre Brands in India

The four tyres on the four corners of your car are more essential than they appear at first glance. They are the primary contact between the road and the car, and is essential to transfer the car’s power to the ground to propel you forward. With tyres playing such a crucial role in the movement and performance of your car, it is important to consider all the tyre options available to you. This includes understanding what every tyre brand in India offers. Here is everything you need to know about the best tyre brands in India.

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What is the significance of knowing about tyre brands?

It is essential to stay informed about the best tyre brands in India to utilise when buying tyres because quality is an absolute need. A reliable tyre is a huge indicator of a safe and enjoyable trip. As a result, you want to select tyres from reputable Indian tyre manufacturers that follow excellent training methods. 

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a good quality tyre from a reputable manufacturer:

  • A well-designed tread pattern that provides the tyres with excellent road grip.
  • Excellent braking performance.
  • High-speed stability and precise control.
  • An excellent wet grip is only achievable if the tyre tread has sufficient water evacuation channels.
  • A good quality tyre has reduced rolling friction and can help a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Features of Best Tyres in India

Tread pattern and its usage

The tyre’s tread pattern may reveal a lot about the tyre’s quality. Various compound combinations are employed in the tyre manufacturing process. These determine multiple attributes of a tyre, such as:

  • Gripping capability
  • Life
  • The ability to withstand punctures
  • Wear rate
  • Rolling resistance
  • Comfort
  • Ride and handling

For different terrains, different tyre treads and compounds are utilized. These allow the tyre to withstand varying weather and road conditions. This is also where the tyre brands in India differentiate themselves from each other.

  • The most popular style is symmetrical, with narrow treads organized in a wave pattern. These tyres are great for silent performance but perform poorly in the rain due to the design’s inability to disperse water.
  • A directional tread—treads in a broad V-shape designed to rotate exclusively in one direction—is required for optimal rain performance. Due to their broader design, these tyres are superior at distributing water and providing road traction. However, this design makes them significantly louder than symmetrical tyres, which can be annoying when driving.
  • Asymmetrical treads- the best of both worlds; these treads are made with half of the surface suitable for rain and the other half for noise reduction. They are more expensive, so you must decide whether the extra expense is worthwhile.

Tyre Size and what does it mean

It’s crucial to get tyres that are the proper size for your automobile for safety reasons. Road accidents can be caused by improperly fitted tyres that put more strain on the heel or even come off while driving.

Untrained eyes may mistake a tire’s sidewall for a meaningless collection of numbers, characters, and symbols. The size of the tyres is hidden amid these. But what does it look like, and, more importantly, what does it mean?

For instance, if the tyre is marked P 205/65 R16 95 H, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 205 (mm): This is the breadth of the tyre.
  • 65 (%): The percentage of tyre sidewall height. This is expressed as a percentage in relation to the tyre’s width.
  • R: The kind of tyre. In this instance, radial.
  • 16 (inches): The interior diameter of the tyre.
  • 95 (kg): The load index, or maximum weight (in kilogrammes) that the tyre can handle.
  • H: Describes a tire’s top speed capabilities. For instance, a tyre with an H-speed rating may travel at a top speed of 130 mph (210 km/h). 


A good-grade tyre makes little noise. A tyre’s tread pattern determines how much noise you will hear inside the automobile. Radial tyres are designed with aerodynamics, resulting in little rolling noise.

Radial Construction

Potholes are common on Indian routes. Radial tyres are a godsend in dealing with these possibly fatal obstructions. Radial tires provide a good balance of comfort and durability. These characteristics are required for passenger vehicles.

Tyre life and how we can increase it

High-quality tyres have a long lifespan. Tyres with the correct combination of soft and hard compounds endure long. Their rate of wear is gradual. Aside from that, keep the following suggestions in mind to extend the life of your tyres:

  • Proper Air Pressure
    Routine Wheel Alignment
    Avoid abrupt braking and rapid acceleration.
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Using OEM-spec Wheels and Tyres

What tyres are best for you?

It’s important to note that what can be the best tyre for someone might not be the best option for you.

Your tyre might have the finest characteristics and still not be considered quality. Because two interconnected factors determine the good or bad quality of a tyre:

  • What types of roads and weather is it designed for?
  • What kind of weather and road conditions are they actually utilized for?

High-performance tyres, for example, have a smooth surface. They are designed for tarmac riding. They will not withstand off-roading since they are not intended for it. They lack the ‘armour’ required to deal with off-road conditions and rugged terrain. Your automobile can have the greatest tyre brand in the world, but its quality is meaningless if it is not utilised for what it was designed for.

Therefore, choose the tyre based on your needs and driving habits. 

Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in India


Madras Rubber Factory, also known as MRF or MRF Tyres, is a worldwide tyre manufacturer headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

MRF is India’s largest tyre maker, accounting for around 25% of total tyre sales in the nation. The brand has a significant presence in more than 65 countries and 10 distinct manufacturing facilities. MRF has also been involved in motorsports for over two decades, sponsoring many racing competitions.

Features of MRF Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
PerfinzaRs 6175
Asymmetric Futuristic Design for pleasant driving and good on-road performance in all weather situations.
Special rim protection feature to safeguard your premium alloy rims.
ZLXRs 2735
Uniquely formed grooves improve riding comfort and water channelling efficiency.
A unique polymer-based rubber combination designed to provide a comfortable ride.
ZVTVRs 3715These tyres contain more rubber in the tread pattern for increased grip in longitudinal and lateral directions, resulting in better control and longer tyre life.
ZLORs 2680
Asymmetric broad tread design for optimal control and efficient water channelling.
Muscle polymer mix for superior grip and durability.


Apollo Tyres, founded in 1972 in Haryana, has grown to become one of the country’s largest tyre brands, with a market share of over 18%. Apart from being India’s second most popular brand, Apollo Tyres is also the world’s 15th largest tyre manufacturer in terms of manufacturing volume.

The firm has a strong presence in over 100 countries, with seven production sites, five in India, two in Europe, and two worldwide R&D centres.

Features of Apollo Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Amazer 3G2599
Lasts longerOffers improved fuel economy.
Amazer 3G MAXX3245
Improves fuel economyReduces noise and provides excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
Amazer 4G Life2250
Highly durableBetter braking and puncture resistance.
Aspire 4G8947
Outstanding handlingGood traction and increased stability in all situations.


CEAT Tyre, founded in Italy in 1924 and incorporated in India in 1958, is one of the country’s oldest tyre brands, with a strong global presence. The firm now has a market share of roughly 11% and covers practically every automobile market.

The brand has expanded significantly in India and beyond, with a presence in over 130 countries.

Ceat’s several premium range of tyres has been awarded 5 stars by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

Features of Ceat Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Secura DriveRs 4050
comes with integrated shoulder blocks and first-in-class 3D groove wall tech to offer excellent stability while cornering.The silica-rich composition provides superior traction and assured braking.
MilazeRs 2106
A high-mileage tyre with an ideal blend of hard and soft compounds for great enduranceAdditional rubber mass at the tread region and optimised shoulder depth for decreased wear and tear.
Fuel SmartRs 2615
The CEAT Fuel Smart tyre has unique interlocking blocks that reduce friction between the tyre tread and the surface, resulting in lower tyre noiseThis also enhances fuel efficiency.
CzarRs 6020
Asymmetric tread design provides superior grip, making your high-speed travel a breeze..Built with an open-tread design for enhanced water channelling and all-terrain perfromance

JK Tyre

JK Tyres was incorporated in 1974 in Delhi and has become one of the leading tyre makers in the country. JK Tyre was also rated the “Best-in-Class” by Car Edge.

JK Tyre has a remarkable presence in 105 countries and more than 180 Global distributors. The company is presently the market leader in the bus and truck radial tyre segment.

Features of JK Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Range A/TRs 5180
Wide and deep grooves allow for forceful braking.Thick sidewall rubber gauge for superb all-terrain performance.
UX Royale (TL) Rs 3850
At high speeds, the asymmetric tyre design and variable draught groove technology help in improved control.Multi-pitch sequence for a hushed ride at high speed
Elanzo TouringRs 2920
Symmetric design with High Lateral Stiffness (HLS) Pattern Filleted Ribs provides a smooth ride.Enhanced longevity.
TaximaxRs 2350
Tread compounds with high abrasion resistance improve grip and tyre life.Serrated grooves minimise road noise and disturbances.


Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre producer. The corporation, now based in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1931, while the Indian wing was established in 1996.

Bridgestone tyres have become one of the favoured options of OEM and customers in the Indian market due to constant innovation, strict quality requirements, and technical improvement.

Features of Bridgestone Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (cost of a single tyre)Features
B SeriesRs 2435
These tyres are designed to be all-rounder throughout situations and have a long wear life.
S SeriesRs 2530
The symmetric pattern of these tyres contributes to their overall performance
TuranzaRs 6535
The distinctive tread pattern of these tyres offers a smooth, quiet, and pleasant ride, providing a superior touring experience.
EcopiaRs 3260
With sophisticated low-rolling resistance technology, this tyre saves fuel without sacrificing safety.

Yokohama Rubber Company

Yokohama Rubber Company is a Japanese tyre producer and the world’s eighth largest maker. Since its inception in 1917, the company has continuously developed globally, becoming one of the main tyre suppliers to OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota.

The company was founded in India in 2007, and the Yokohama tyres are created and customised to the needs of the local road conditions.

Features of Yokohama Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
BluEarth AE50Rs 13,025
Dual silica compound for superior control, with a uniquely designed pattern to decrease ride noise.
Earth – 1Rs 3,295
Specially developed patterns increase ride quality and reduce wear while providing a comfortable and silent ride.
BluEarth GT – AE51 Rs 6,585
The asymmetric tread design provides optimal comfort while maintaining maximum control and efficiency.
BluEarth RV02Rs 17,005
The asymmetric tread design improves wet performance, while the dual power ribs improve manoeuvrability.


Michelin, founded in 1889, is a French multinational tyre company and the world’s second-largest producer. Michelin tyre is a well-known name in motorsport, with operations in over 171 countries and 70 manufacturing locations.

The brand was launched in 1998 and today controls a 3% market share. The brand has grown in popularity among premium vehicle owners and performance enthusiasts.

Features of Michelin Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Pilot Sport 3Rs 13,025
The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is a high-performance tyre that provides driving delight and safety in wet and dry situations.
Energy XM2 +Rs 3,295
The Alternate Bridge Technology in these tyres allows them to wear at a slower pace and last longer.
Primacy 3 STRs 6,585
Superior braking grip in wet situationsA strong shock absorbent sidewall results in a class-leading pleasant and quiet ride.
Primacy HPRs 17,005
Longer tread life, better grip, and shorter braking distances.Lower rolling resistance results in increased performance and fuel economy.


Pirelli, a tyre manufacturer, based in Milan, Italy, was founded in 1872 and is a well-known name globally. Pirelli tyres are renowned for their high quality and cutting-edge technological standards and are popular among performance-oriented fans.

As the world’s sixth largest tyre manufacturer, the company has 19 manufacturing units and a commercial presence in 160 countries.

Features of Pirelli Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Cinturato P710,455
With a unique tread compound and state-of-the-art design, these tyres provide maximum adhesion in the footprint area to boost high-speed grip on the road.
P Zero14,044
Three strong middle ribs improve braking and traction at high speeds. The S-shape tread design ensures safety during crucial braking circumstances.
P Zero Rosso14,235
The asymmetric design with four continuous longitudinal channels increases safety and control in probable aquaplaning conditions.
Cinturato P15,736
The innovative tread design with an appropriate pitch sequence offers quiet, pleasant, and safe riding in wet and dry circumstances.

Goodyear Tyres

Frank Seiberling started the American multinational tyre manufacturing corporation Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1898. The first Goodyear tyres, named after the inventor of vulcanised rubber, Charles Goodyear, became extremely popular due to their low maintenance.

Goodyear has tyres for anything from bicycles to moonrakers. Their commitment to innovation and the use of technology to improve tyre efficiency has propelled them to the top three tyre makers in the world.

Features of Goodyear Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
Assurance Duraplus4,600
A three-dimensional blading system with a ball and socket mechanism for maximum traction.Durawall compound with silica reinforcement in the sidewall gives greater resistance to cuts and rips.
Eagle efficient Grip tyre9,627
The closed shoulder design stops radial noise sound waves from radiating, lowering the perceived noise level both outside and within.The extra rubber bottom layer absorbs tyre vibrations and slows the spread of road imperfections.
Excellent Tyre8000
This tyre provides luxury riding pleasure and precise handling thanks to its superior wet/dry grip technology.
Assurance Armorgrip Tyre4,700
In wet and dry circumstances, the innovative tread design with appropriate pitch sequence offers a quiet, pleasant, and safe riding.

Continental Tyres

It was founded in 1871 as a rubber company, and its plain tread tyres were a huge hit. In 1904, Continental added another first to its name by being the world’s first manufacturer to develop grooved car tyres.

Continental’s mission is to “provide safety to the streets without sacrificing driving comfort or pleasure.” It is a declaration of the company’s unwavering commitment to safety. This is seen in their products’ excellent braking capabilities and tyre engineering.

Features of Continental Tyres

Tyre NameRange starting from (Single tyre price)Features
ComfortContact CC63,549
Harmonic Comfort chambers and 0dB eaters perform an outstanding job of noise cancellation and comfort.
ContiMaxContact MC55,100
Superb high-speed handling, especially on wet roadsNoise-cancelling technology for a peaceful ride.
ContiComfortContact CC53,290
Dual pattern designs for reduced braking distances and increased wet performance.Noise reduction without sacrificing other capabilities
ContiSportContact 311,800
High-speed performance tyres with specifically crafted water channels prevent aquaplaning and provide excellent performance on slick surfaces.Improved braking on both wet and dry surfaces.


How often should I change tyres?

Even if the tread is not worn out, a tyre you should replace a tyre every 5 to 6 years. This is done for the vehicle’s safety. However, tyres and treads should be examined much more frequently to determine if they need to be replaced sooner or later.

What is the use of rotating tyres?

By rotating your tyres regularly, wear is distributed equally across all four tyres, increasing the life of your tyres. Having equal tread wear may also improve traction and handling, giving you a better ride and significantly increasing your safety.

How often should I get my car alignment checked?

Getting your wheels aligned every 2 to 3 years is usually suggested. However, to guarantee the maximum safety of your vehicle, yourself, and anyone around you, it is advisable to have a wheel alignment every time you replace your vehicle’s oil.

How do you know if a tyre is good?

Here’s how you check whether a tyre is worn out or not:

  • Check Tread Depth
  • Check sidewall
  • Check for uneven wear

Is 2 mm tyre tread legal?

Most nations have imposed a 1.6mm minimum tread depth regulation, requiring drivers to change a tyre when it reaches that depth. It is advisable to replace a tyre when any tread area is at 1.6mm depth, irrespective of where you live.

Which Tyre brand is the best?

Considering the sales figures, MRF is the tyre brand holding the number 1 position in India.

How many kilometres do tyres last?

Tyres nowadays typically last around 40,000 kilometres.

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