The Benefits of Used Cars


When the time comes to buy a car, people often research pages and pages on the internet to first find the perfect car and then, list the reasons to justify the rather large amount of money that needs to be paid to purchase it. As soon as the discussion about price starts up, there is always a debate about which is better: to buy a brand new car or to go for a used car. The decision ultimately comes down to which side offers the better value for money. Here we are going to focus on the outright benefits of buying and owning a used car, specifically if you buy from Spinny.

The Ideal Starting Partner

When you get your driver’s license, a used car is the perfect companion to have to begin your journey through automotive ownership. Bad with gear changes? Constantly jumping the clutch? Want to try drifting around the corner (everybody has done it, don’t deny it)? A used car accommodates all of your faults and lets you become a better driver by letting you make the mistakes and taking the punishment. Sure, you can make mistakes and learn in a new car too, but it will take you a lot longer because you’ll probably be more worried about not damaging the car than fixing your mistakes.

Used Cars are just as capable as New Cars

Used cars are often seen as being less capable than new cars due to the wear and tear from prior usage. However, this is a common misconception. If they’re well-maintained and in top shape, as they are on Spinny, then they give almost the same mileage as their newer counterparts, all of their features work exactly like they do on the new cars and they accelerate and brake just as well as the updated models. A Ford Ecosport that has covered 30,000 km will give nearly the same mileage as a brand new model of the same car.Spinny Drive Benefits of Used Cars

More for Less

Used cars are great value for money. You pay a lot less than you would for a new car and in return you get a whole lot more than you would from a new car. Want a spacious sedan at the price of a hatchback? Want more safety features on a tight budget? Need a second, more economical car just for city driving? The used car market covers all these bases and even more. And you get even more value if you buy one from Spinny. A 1 year warranty that covers the essential components gives that new car you bought from Spinny, new car-like service coverage. And you don’t have to wait to get your hands on your new wheels because after Spinny takes care of the paperwork, the keys to your wheels will be in your hands. Honestly, who wants to wait six months to get a car?Spinny Drive Benefits of Used Cars

Pass on the Love you had to someone else

Every driver who has ever driven a car knows about that special bond that forms between man and machine in those hours and kilometers of driving. And even though your bond remains, there comes a time when you move on to other things. Your bond may be coming to an end, but the car still has a lot to give. Sell your car through Spinny and ensure that your car forms a bond with someone else the same way you did. Plus you’d be doing the environment a huge favor by reusing what we already have to the fullest before we commit precious resources to building new things.

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