Vartika’s Spinny to Beat Challenges

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Living in the city while the COVID-19 lockdown was in effect has been quite a challenge for many people. As the country reopens and people start heading back to work, many are increasingly concerned about the safety of their commutes. Vartika Tewari, an HR professional in Bengaluru, had the same concerns about tackling the lockdown restrictions.

Challenges of the Lockdown

Vartika’s greatest challenge during and after the lockdown was the restricted mobility that made it difficult to do simple tasks like shopping for essentials. The lockdown restricted the movements of cabs and public transportation as well, adding to the challenge of going anywhere.

Simple things became a great challenge during the lockdown

-Vartika Tewari, HR Professional

As the lockdown restrictions eased, the apprehension towards going out for essentials grew even more. Cabs and public transportation were potential hotspots for the infectious virus. Faced with the possibility that it would be months before it would be safe to use public transportation, Vartika needed a tool to beat the challenges of the lockdown and the COVID-19 environment.

Beating the Challenges with Spinny

Vartika’s champion to beat the lockdown had to be a car. With that decision made, Vartika set out to find the car for herself. Living in a city meant that the car had to be compact and reliable, while at the same time be modern as well. Through her research, she knew a hatchback from Hyundai or Maruti Suzuki would fulfil each of her criteria and she knew that she would get better value if she bought a pre-owned car.

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Even with the lockdown restrictions lifting, visiting used car dealers in the city to evaluate was physically unsafe and unfeasible. Vartika’s search moved online where Spinny had a few pre-owned hatchbacks in Bengaluru that could be brought to her home for a test drive and evaluation.

There’s no safer feeling than being secure in my own car, driving past challenges of the lockdown.

After test driving a few hatchbacks, she found a pre-owned Hyundai Grand i10 on Spinny that matched all of her preferences exactly. A small, compact hatchback in good condition that wasn’t short on any features. With the decision made, Spinny delivered Vartika’s Hyundai Grand i10 at her doorstep. The car is not only just a vehicle to commute. For Vartika, it is her champion to beat the lockdown restrictions.

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