The Ultimate Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist : For Used Cars

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection & Why is it important?


Pre-Purchase Inspection means thoroughly inspecting the exterior body and functioning of all components of the car you are planning to buy for flaws or drawbacks, & judging if or not it’s a good buy. It can be done yourself, by a mechanic or a pre-purchase inspection service.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is the most important step of buying a pre-owned car, since it helps you ascertain whether the car you are planning to buy, works properly. Honestly, you don’t later want to be spending loads of money on maintenance and repairs, on a recently bought car.


Pre Purchase Inspection Points


Pre-Purchase Inspection helps you make a well informed decision and removes any uncertainty regarding the condition of the car.


The Checklist That Answers All

Here’s a complete checklist of some points you can manually perform to do a Pre-Purchase Inspection of a Used Car:-


1) Inspect the Car in for Scratches or Paint Jobs

Inspect the car in broad daylight to make sure that each and every inch of the exterior is readily visible to you. Any discrepancies in the paint coat suggest that the car has had scuffs and scratches repainted, but make sure to check if it was involved in any major accidents and has had certain parts replaced & any part replacements are shown on the Registration Certificate.


Pre Purchase Inspection for Used Cars

Take a good look at the car’s exteriors for any dents or scratches.



2) Check Working of Electronics Thoroughly

Let’s start with the easier bits, the electrical system for instance. Make sure that the electrical equipment responds to every command. The indicators, external fold-able mirrors, music system, power windows etc. should work properly. It tends to get really hot in our subcontinent during summers, so you want to make sure that the air conditioner works to your satisfaction on a sultry summer day.


Uused car evaluation

Make sure that the electrical equipment responds to every command.



3) Check For Leakages & Battery Problems

Check around the battery terminal to make sure there’s no wear and tear. After you have taken a thorough test drive, park the car & wait for upto half an hour to check for any leakages.


Used car pre purchase inspection

Life the hood to check for corrosion signs on the battery terminals



4) Listen for any Noise During the Test Drive

During the initial part of the test drive, switch off the music system, open the windows & listen for any sound of noise coming from the car. It might suggest trouble with suspension or any other component.


Used car inspection service

Take a car out on a drive and observe the noises



5) Check the Engine for any Trouble

The engine shouldn’t make any knocking sound, which indicates that there is a problem with the car. Neither should it misfire, which you can pick-up by the loss of acceleration when pressing the peddle or vibrations of the dashboard. If there is any kind of smoke emitting out of the back end of the car, you might want to get a professional opinion on the engine.


Pre Purchase Inspection

Use the dipstick to check the engine oil. Any presence of silvery elements may indicate wearing down of the engine.



6) Test the Brakes

Don’t be shy to brake aggressively & test out the brakes. Your life depends on them brakes & you want to make sure that they are in perfect working condition.


Used Car Inspection

Make sure the brakes respond well and not hard to press



7) Condition of Tyres

Make sure that the tyres are in a good condition with deep enough threads. In case that rubber is going bald, you can in the very least bargain down the car price.


Pre Purchase Evaluation of Used Cars

Check the tread on the tyres. If too worn out, try and bargain. You’ll need to replace them early on.



8) Check the Odometer Reading carefully.

Check the odometer reading of the car carefully. Odometer tampering is a highly common practice, and if the readings don’t correspond to the car’s condition, you might want to give the regular car service center a phone call for details.


Used car evaluation parameters

Scratches around the odometer may indicate that it has been tinkered with.



9) Car’s Maintenance History

Ask the owner for details of any repair work done on the vehicle and the car’s service book, which will give you a detailed insight into the car’s maintenance history.


Car service history-  Used car inspection

The car’s service history is the biography of how the car has lived through the years



10) Legal Documents

For a complete legal transaction of the car to your name, make sure the following documents are transferred to your name or are received by you:-


Used Cars Pre Purchase Checks

Verify the ownership of the car through the legal documents



  • Registration Certificate (RC): 

The original RC should be transferred to your name. This is what legally certifies that the ownership of the car has been transferred over to you.

  • Insurance Papers :

The insurance also needs to be transferred to your name for you to claim it in case of any eventuality. Make sure that the insurance is valid for at least another month to ensure smooth transaction of the RC.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): 

In case the loan on the car has already been cleared, ask for the NOC or the Loan Repayment and Foreclosure Statement.

  • Original Purchase Invoice : 

The original purchase invoice of the vehicle is another vital document that you want in your possession.


Pre-Purchase Inspection Services


The above checklist can be a bit tedious to deal with especially if you are not too familiar with cars. Further, even if you are a car enthusiast chances are you are unaware of all the problems that plague different car components. What you can do is leave it to the professionals who can do it for you.

There are two ways to go about it. Firstly, you can take your own mechanic who will inspect the car and inform you of any shortcomings.But for that, you have to go to the pain of finding a mechanic. Make sure to check out the mechanic’s credentials as the life of your family and that of yours depends on the safety of the used car. You can always choose the simpler option of engaging a pre purchase inspection service from the relative comfort of your home.


Spinny Inspect – Our Used Car Inspection Service

To make the whole process simpler, we bring to you our very own pre-purchase inspection service- Spinny Inspect. It will subject the car of your choice to the same 200-point rigorous checklist as the cars listed on our online platform.


Spinny Inspect

Used Car Inspection Service by Spinny



You get the following services for just Rs 750 :-


  • A thorough 200 point inspection of your chosen car.
  • A comprehensive report of the car’s condition.
  • Complete assistance with understanding the car’s condition & it’s issues, if any.
  • An accurate price estimate of the car using Spinny’s Star Price Engine.
  • We help you to make a confident, well informed decision regarding the car’s true condition


No more doubts about the car mysteriously coming to a stop in the middle of the road. What’s more, with the points that our inspection digs up, you can even bargain down much more than the cost of the inspection. Further, the Spinny Star Price gives you an accurate price estimate for the car, making sure you don’t overpay for it.

Book Spinny Inspect For 750/-



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