Bharat Series Number Plate: BH Number Plate Explained

Planning to resettle to another state or city in India is easy, but if you intend to take your vehicle as well, re-registering your motor vehicle in the city or state you migrate to is mandatory. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a passenger vehicle can be driven for a maximum of 12 months without transferring the registration to the new state. Once 12 months are completed, the owner will be required to transfer registration to the new state or face fines and penalties.

Re-registration of the vehicle is time-consuming, especially for people with transferable jobs. The MoRTH (Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways) wanted to change this scenario and thus launched the Bharat Series number plates across the country in 2021. The BH Number plate will make it easier for car owners who regularly move to different cities or states for their jobs. With the BH Series number plate, they can relocate to any region in India without worrying about the re-registration of their vehicle. Read on to find more information on the BH series number plates in India.

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What is the BH number plate?

The Government of India introduced the BH Number Plate or Bharat Series Registration Number for non-transport vehicles in August 2021. The BH Series number plate removes the obligation of transferring vehicle registration after moving from one state to the other. Registration for the BH series commenced from 15th September 2021.  

For example, As per the  Motor Vehicles Act, let us suppose your car is registered in Karnataka with a KA number plate. If you relocate then you can drive your vehicle with the KA number plate only for a period of 12 months in the new state. Thereafter you will have to register the vehicle in the new state.  But with the BH series registration number that will not be necessary. But the BH series number plate is not for all.

Who can Register for BH Series Number Plate?


Those eligible for the BH number series include:

  • State and Central Government employees
  • Defense sector
  • Bank employees
  • Administrative services
  • Private firm employees who have offices in more than four States or Union Territories. 

The reason to bring the BH series license plate is to save the time and energy of the citizens from the annoyances of transfers of vehicles each time they relocate. 

Features of Bharat Series Number Plate

  • The BH series is applicable only for non-transport vehicles.
  • For BH series registration, one can avoid the re-registering process of the vehicle once they shift to a new state.
  • Saves time, effort and paperwork for the entire process.
  • The BH series number plate is valid throughout the country.
  • The BH series number plate looks like an usual license plate with a white background and black fonts, except the format of the license number is different.
Bharat Series Number plates
  • The BH series registration number consists of the Year of Registration as in YY, followed by BH as in code for Bharat series, the  4-digit BH series registration number and XX that stands for two alphabets (Excluding I & O) indicating the vehicle category. For example, YY BH #### XX. 
  • The road tax for the BH series vehicles can be paid online which remains applicable for 14 years once paid. Post that an annual payment is compulsory. 
  • The percentage of road tax to be paid based on the invoice of the car is convenient as well. 8% for cars below Rs. 10 Lakh, 10% for cars between Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 Lakhs and 12% for cars costing above Rs. 20 Lakh. 

How to Apply for BH Number Plate

  • First State Authorities will verify and check the eligibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Next, the owner can log into the MoRTH’s Vahan portal or ask any automobile dealer for help while purchasing the vehicle. 
  • In case one seeks help from the automobile dealer, then the dealer has to fill out Form 20 on the Vahan portal on behalf of the actual owner.
  • Employees working in the private sector who have offices in more than 4 states or UTs must fill out Form 60 and submit an employment ID with a work certificate whereas a copy of official ID card to be submitted by government employees.

Steps to be followed while applying for BH series license plate:

  • Step 1: While purchasing the new vehicle, the automobile dealer will fill out Form 20 on behalf of the car owner on Vahan portal.
  • Step 2: Selection of series type – Select BH series as the series type.
  • Step 3: Submit the required documents like the Working Certificate (Form 60)/ copy of Official Id Card along with other documents.
  • Step 4: Approval for the BH series to be given by the RTO. 
  • Step 5: Pay online required fee/ MV tax.
  • Step 6: Once the above steps are done, the Vahan portal will generate BH series registration numbers in random order currently running in all States of India.

Bharat Number Plate – Tax Structure


For private vehicles registered under the BH series license plate, the road tax for the vehicle will be charged for 2 years or in multiples of two, i.e., for four, six, and eight.

The road tax for the BH series can be paid online and will be applicable for 14 years. After that an annual payment is compulsory. 

Invoice PricePercentage of Invoice PriceRemark
If the car costs less than ₹ 10 Lakhs8% Road Tax based on the Invoice Price2% extra charge for Diesel Vehicles
If the car costs between ₹10 to ₹20 LakhIf the car costs above ₹20 Lakh10% Road Tax based on the Invoice price12% Road Tax based on the invoice price2% less charge for Electric Vehicles

Bharat Series Number Plates Summary

The above article will give you a complete insight regarding the Bharat Series Number Plates that got introduced by the MoRTH (Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways) in India in August 2021 to put an end to the hassle of re-registering vehicle after moving from one state to the other, especially for the State and Central Government employees. Want to know the eligibility for the BH series registration number, how to apply and other features, read the article above for all the details. 

FAQ about BH Series number plates

What is the eligibility criteria for getting a BH series number plate?

To be eligible for a BH number plate one should be a citizen of India. The vehicle owner should either be a State or Central Government employee, or if working in a private firm, then his/her company should have offices in more than 4 states or UTs.

How will the BH series number plate benefit us?

The BH series number plate will not be applicable for everyone, but for the ones who can benefit from it will no longer have to re-register their vehicle every time they relocate from one state to the other in India as the BH series number plate will be valid throughout the country. The process of inter-state transfer of the vehicle will be smooth.

When did the registration for the BH Series number plate or registration number begin?

The registration for the BH series number plate started from 15th September 2021 and the first vehicle with BH series number plate was issued from Maharashtra on October 27th 2021.

Is the BH number plate costly?

The cost for the BH series number plate depends on the vehicle and has three price slabs –

  • For vehicles costing below 10 lakhs, the applicant has to pay 8% of the total automobile cost
  • Vehicles priced between 10-20 lakhs need to pay 10% of the vehicle price 
  • Lastly, vehicles costing above 20 lakhs will have to pay 12% of the total cost of the vehicle.

Is BH series number plate only for govt employees?

The BH Series number plate is for people with transferable jobs as in the employees of central and state government departments, PSUs departments, defense personnel and employees of private sector companies that have offices in at least 4 states or UTs. It is applicable only for non-transport vehicles and only the eligible candidates can apply for the same at present. 

Is Bharat number plate available for two-wheelers?

A BH series or Bharat Series number plate is available for all non-transport cars, but every Indian citizen cannot apply for it as it is only available to the employees of states and central government, PSUs employees, and employees of the private sector who have offices in at least 4 states or UTs.

Why do you need a BH number plate?

The BH series number plate was first introduced by the government to make the re-registration of the vehicles a hassle-free process for the ones who have transferable jobs on a voluntary basis. But now the Government or the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) have extended the eligibility criteria and included new car buyers as well who might be transferred to another state for their jobs or are likely to get transferred in the future. 

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