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Q. Should I buy a used car?
Buying a used car is always easy on pocket but to avoid buying lemons from unknown sellers you should buy only fully inspected cars. In Spinny's case every car has to pass through a grueling 200 Points inspection by our in house car experts and every detail found during the inspection is transparently shared with potential buyers. This way we present only high quality cars to potential buyers and also enable them to make a completely informed decision.
Q. How does Spinny price cars listed on its platform?
We use our Spinny Star Price engine to estimate price of cars listed on our platform. It uses a proprietary algorithm which is trained upon more than 2 million price data points from last 4 years. To estimate price of any used car it analyses the demand supply trend of the car model and inspection data of the car to factor in it’s true condition.
Q. Should I buy a used car?
We make sure to deliver your Spinny car within 24 hours of receipt of full payment from you.
Q. Will you bring the car to my location once I book a test drive?
All Spinny Assured cars are parked at one of our parking hubs. You need to visit our hub at your chosen time slot to test drive such cars. To test drive cars parked at seller’s location (all cars without Spinny Assured Tag), you need to visit seller’s place with our sales executive.
Q. ​How does Spinny Star Rating help me in reaching a buying decision?
Spinny Star Rating engine works on a proprietary algorithm which uses inspection data to calculate rating of a used car. Objective of this rating is to provide you a quick insight about the car’s true condition.
Q. ​​What is Spinny warranty and how do I avail it?
Every car listed on Spinny is certified by our in-house car experts and is eligible for 1 year comprehensive warranty which covers engine, transmission, electrical systems and suspension. Listing price of cars with Spinny Assured tag are inclusive of cost of warranty but for cars without Spinny Assured tag you need to pay separately for warranty if you wish to include that in your car purchase.
Q. Am I selling my car to Spinny?
Yes, you will be selling your car to Spinny. Spinny is the largest online dealership for used cars in India. Spinny buys cars instantly from individual sellers and then resell them to individual buyers. By operating this way we are able to provide car sellers instant payments for their cars and save them from weeks of listing and haggling with unknown buyers with unproven intent to buy. Spinny operates without any layer of middlemen and sells the cars only to individual buyers, hence providing maximum price advantage to both sellers and buyers.
Q. ​Does my car’s inspection mean that it will be bought by Spinny ?
We conduct inspection of a car only when we have a clear intent of buying that car. But if we find, during inspection of ​a used​ car, that it has structural damage due to an accident or it has been poorly maintained or that there is a doubt of meter tampering, then we may refuse to buy ​the​ car. At Spinny, we are dedicated to providing transparent and reliable experience to customers while helping them buy high quality cars and therefore we only buy​ used​ cars that are non-accidental and non-meter tampered.
Q. How fast is it to sell my car to Spinny?
You can sell used car instantly to us - basically you can sell the minute you are ready. After a sell car request is placed through our online platform, we will arrange an inspection of your car at your doorstep to give a final offer based on the car’s condition and the market’s demand & supply trends. If you accept our final offer, deal will be closed by us instantly and payment transfer would be made in 30 mins. The time taken for the transaction amount to get reflected in your bank account will be as prescribed by the receiving bank but in most of cases it is not more than 30 minutes. Spinny is a quick and secure way to sell used car online.
Q. What happens to my car once it is sold to Spinny?
Once you sell your car to Spinny, it will be reconditioned and presented to interested buyers through our online platform and our car hubs. Spinny operates without any layer of middlemen and makes the sale to only individual buyers to pass maximum price advantage to both our buyers and sellers. All the paper-work involved is taken care by Spinny only to make the transaction completely hassle free for you.
Q. ​I want to sell my car to Spinny but my car parameters are not mentioned in car selling form on this page.
We are dedicated to providing only the best running cars to our customers. To maintain the same, we only buy cars which are of 2009 make or newer and have not run more than 1,00,000 KMs (less than 60,000 KMs for CNG). If your car is in good condition and fits within this criteria then, you should sell it to Spinny only, where we value your car’s condition and provide the most attractive immediate selling price to save you from selling your car at an averaged out price in the market.
Q. How will I be paid while selling my car to Spinny? Can I get paid in cash as well?
While selling used car to Spinny, you can choose to get paid via these payment methods : Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS, NEFT), Demand Draft or current dated bank cheque. Please note that Spinny does not make any cash payments to car sellers. We also buy bank hypothecated cars.
Q. ​Do you buy cars from any City?
Currently Spinny is operational only in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and therefore, sellers can sell car in Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad only to us. We will soon be opening our hubs in other major cities​.​ Do write to us if you want ​our used car selling service in your city.
Q. What is Spinny Inspect?
Spinny Inspect is a used car pre-purchase inspection service available in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad for used cars outside the Spinny platform. Our expert inspectors carry out a detailed 200-point inspection based on which a detailed inspection report is provided to you. This report will let you make an informed decision while buying a used car from unknown individual sellers or used car dealers.
Q. Why do I need to get the prospective car inspected?
Used​ cars offer great value but aren’t always in the best condition. With our established 200 point inspection process, Spinny Inspect reveals the important details so that you get a true idea of the car’s condition before you buy.​ It is highly recommended that you get your prospective next car thoroughly inspected if you are buying a used one.​
Q. Why is Spinny Inspect not required for cars listed on Spinny?
Before being listed on Spinny, every car goes through the 200-point inspection process. Spinny reassures the car’s condition for the buyer before the transaction and so any additional evaluation is not required.​ ​Spinny Inspect is an extension of Spinny’s ​used car ​inspection service for cars not listed on Spinny to bring ​same level of​ transparency to used car transactions taking place outside the Spinny platform.
Q. How much will the service cost and how do I pay?
To book a Spinny Inspect​, our used car inspection service​, you’ll need to pay a flat fee of ₹750​ including all taxes​. No extra charges. The payment can be made online while booking ​the ​car inspection or with cash at the time of ​car ​inspection.
Q. What is the refund policy?
If, for any reason, the inspection is cancelled, we will offer a full refund on the booking amount. However, if the inspection is completed, there is no refund on the booking amount.
Q. How many cars can I get inspected?
You can inspect any number of cars that you desire. However, you will have to book individual inspections for every car that you want inspected. So if you want to set a record for the Highest Number of Cars Inspected, you are most welcome :-)
Q. Can I reschedule an inspection?
If for some reason you want to reschedule your inspection to another time, then all you need to do is call to call us on +91 7277277275.
Q. Where can I avail this service?
You can avail Spinny Inspect, our pre owned car inspection service, on any car in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. Just fill the form on this page and schedule your inspection.
Used car loan
Q. Why apply for a used car loan with Spinny?
Through Spinny, your loan application is expedited as we have all the required documents to make the application process smooth and convenient. The combination of our certification process and our established partnerships with leading banks gets up to 85% of the car's value financed with rates starting from 12.5%.
Q. What are the steps to apply for a used car loan online?
The loan procedure starts with the collection and verification of your documents. This is followed by the bank's own valuation of the car. Based on this valuation and your credit worthiness, your loan is approved and dispatched to Spinny, who relay the payment to the Seller. Spinny only facilitates the loan. The approval and dispersal of the loan is subject to the bank.
Q. Criteria for Used Car Finance
Loans are available on cars up to 10 years old. Your credit worthiness is also verified to determine your premium.
Q. Second Hand Car Loan vs New Car Loan
The difference between loans for a used car and a new car is the interest rates. Banks are able to predict the resale values for new cars and thus, offer lower rates for new car loans. The high mileage and doubts about past usage increases the rate.However, Spinny’s cars are certified, which removes the doubts and makes the resale value more predictable. This brings down the interest rates and you can avail rates as low as 12.5%, depending on your credit worthiness and the value of the car.