Weird Things People Do in Their Cars

We all have our quirks, those peculiar habits we take everywhere along with us. Some of us however take these habits with them even to the car! Here are five things that are strange yet so commonplace on our roads that we don’t blink an eye, but the next time you find yourself doing one of these things, think and be road safe.

The Quick Touch-upMakeup in Car Spinny

The clock on the dashboard was blinking at 08:55 AM and she was at the last signal before stopping off at the movie theatre, before he would meet her at the gate! She was running out of time.

“Oh no! He cannot look at me like this, look at my hair and my lipstick is not done too. Final makeup toh karlu ” For once she was hoping that the signal turned red and voila it did! Out came the lipstick and the touching up was done.

The Mobile Changing RoomChanging Clothes in Car Spinny

07:43 PM the clock was ticking faster than she wanted to.

“ Shit! Shit! Shit! The meeting had to stretch so long didn’t it! Now that woman is just going to show off in her new dress and I am here in my stupid formals!”  Arggh! She let out an angry hiss at no one in particular.

She drove down to the basement of the apartment and was contemplating when she looked around and found no one nearby. “Bas yahi chance hai! Office ke kapdo mei party, humse na ho payega” and proceeded to change into the shimmering black dress.

The Close ShaveShaving in Car Spinny

His head was throbbing from the hangover; he had taken the disprin a while ago and was cursing himself for having gone to the party night before.

“Yaar this is going to make me lose my job! This meeting is so important and I barely woke up in time! Yeh close shave deal close kara de bas” he prayed as he took out the razor to shave off his stubble.

Space ManagementKids in Boot Spinny

“Sanjay, help Nani and Nana sit in the car. Suchi, please let Surabhi masi sit with them!”

“Arre but Mumma where will Sanjay and I sit?” asked poor Suchi with look of surprise on face. They usually had the seats which Nani, Nana and Masi had.

Pappa chimed in with his brilliant idea, “Baccho ko dickie mei adjust kar do”

The Family TempoOpen Car Boot Transporting Spinny

“Beta, is everything packed in? Did you remember to pack the new sarees?”

“Yes mumma! I did! Not like the first time I am going away na!”

She was home for the first time after her wedding and there was a ton of stuff that she needed to take back home. “But Pappa, I am not able to connect to the Tempo guy, he said he would be here by now! Now his phone is switched off!” she said in a worried voice, looking distraught at the suitcases.

Pappa the Great reassured, “Tempo kyu chahiye. Dickie hai toh!”

If you’re the weird one, get a car and weird out to get on our list of Weird things people do in their cars.!
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