Wacky Car Advertisements


We hate it when ads intrude our program to push their products. Well, almost always, until and unless ads like these that make us chortle. The ads that follow are among those special few.


4. The Mercedes & Jaguar tiff :

Don’t we love it when big corporations take a shot at one another? Here’s one between the two leading car companies. Mercedes ‘Magic Body Control’ Ad and Jaguar’s witty reply. You’re gonna dig this!



3. Maruti – Petrol khatam hi nai hunda!

Remember this cute guy? I don’t know about Maruti but he sure got us obsessed with mileage.



2. Fiat Palio – Cyclist.

We love our cars. And this guy just took it to another level. Next time someone uses your car as handrest, you know what to do. ┬áBecause it’s good to be Badass ­čśë


1. The Hipster Hamsters

Kia’s Hamster Campaign had everybody laughing. From Gangnam style to Lady gaga, they’ve got it all covered. By the time you’re done with this one, you’ll be a huge fan!


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Know of some wackier ads? Tell us below in comments.