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Volkswagen Vento Overview: Price, Mileage, Specifications

The sedan segment is one of the most popular car segments in India. Offering a longer and sleeker body, with a host of premium features, sedans attract those who prefer a more luxurious driving experience. With a lot of diverse options currently in the market, it is rare for a particular model to build a legacy for itself. If there is one model that has managed to perform and build a legacy for itself, it is the Volkswagen Vento. Recently completing its 11th anniversary in India, the Volkswagen Vento is a supremely capable vehicle that has made a name for itself in India. If you are planning to bring home a pre-owned compact sedan, here’s an in-depth overview of the Volkswagen Vento.

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Volkswagen Vento Specifications

Volkswagen Vento Engine & Transmission


1.0-litre TSI


6-speed Manual

6-speed Automatic


17.69 kmpl

16.35 kmpl

Volkswagen Vento Dimensions


4390 mm


1699 mm


1467 mm

Boot Space

494 litres

Volkswagen Vento Safety Features


Standard Dual Front Airbags

ABS with EBD


Safety Rating

5-star Latin NCAP


Based on the Volkswagen Vento platform, the Vento is carved out of a simple yet elegant German design. As a result the Vento wears a timeless design that makes the vehicle age quite gracefully.

Spinny Assured VW Vento front

Overall the VW Vento sports a clean swept back headlamp design that look stylish and modern. On either side of the headlamps was the horizontal grille that is dominated by a large Volkswagen logo at the centre. While early models of the Vento did not come equipped with DRLs, the 2021 models do have this feature equipped on higher variants. The bonnet gets some muscle creases that run from the edge of the grille and integrate into the A-pillars. Overall, the Vento was designed with minimal lines that support a blend of sharp German design and curvy aesthetics.

Spinny Assured VW Vento side

While the Vento does share the same platform as the VW Polo, the side profile shows that the Vento isn’t just a quick extension job like a few other compact sedans. Instead, the VW vento looks proportional while featuring evidently raised suspension and increased ground clearance of 168mm. The chunky seven spoke designed alloys look dapper. 

Spinny Assured VW Vento rear

The VW Vento is based on the Polo, but it is technically the Skoda Rapid’s cousin. This is most evident on the rear of the car, with a large body colored bumper and a minimalistic tail lamp design. In terms of overall looks, the rear complements the overall German theme of the vehicle and gives the vehicle a holistically elegant approach.

Exterior Key Highlights

  • New Double Barrel Headlamps
  • Up to 16-inch Alloy wheels
  • Three-spoke Grille
  • Chrome tip exhaust muffler


Spinny Assured VW Vento dashboard

Getting inside the Vento is made easy with heavy doors that open and close in a three-stage action. Once inside, the first thing you will notice is the fact that the interiors are straight and is synonymous to pure German design. There is nothing out of the box, since the entire focus is to provide maximum functionality. The Vento gets a dual tone interior treatment of grey and beige, with some chrome accents thrown in here and there. The fit & finish provided on this sedan is truly the best in the segment. The interior’s elements are well put together and easily handle abuse. The glass area is large making the cabin quite airy and comfortable.

Spinny Assured VW Vento front seats

The front seat is decently sized but what takes the crown is the superb back support that caters to the entire spine. The head and leg room too is superb with even tall passengers finding themselves in a comfortable position. The centre armrest, much like the driver’s seat, is adjustable. The steering gets reach and rake adjustment with a chrome garnish at the bottom as well as steering controls. The centre console feature a double din stereo set up on older models while newer models receive a touchscreen infotainment system. Below it lays the climate control unit that is easy to use and worth the money. Coming to driver’s display, you will get a square digital MID sandwiched between the speedometer and tachometer.

Spinny Assured VW Vento rear seats

Coming to the rear, the Vento brought in a segment first ability for rear passengers to adjust the front passenger seat (fore & aft). There is also a provision of rear air-con vents with independent direction control. Improved knee room from the extended wheelbase is evident on the Vento as even tall rear passengers find comfort sitting behind. The VW vento also offers decent boot space with 494 litres available for use, making it ideal for family vacations.

Interior Key Highlights

  • Cooled Glove Box 
  • Climate Control AC
  • 494 liters of boot
  • Spacious cabin
  • Flat-Bottom Steering
  • Rear AC Vents with separate adjusters 
  • Segment First front seat adjustment from the back

Engine, Performance and Safety Overview

Spinny Assured VW Vento engine

When it comes to power, the Vento has been through an exceptional journey based on customer demand and overall expectations. During its entire production run, the Vento has undergone several changes and has offered more than 4 different engine options with each one being better than the one before it.

Volkswagen Vento Engine History




2010-2015 VW Vento

1.6-litre petrol

16 kmpl

1.6-litre diesel

18.19 kmpl

2013-2015 VW Vento

1.5-litre TDI diesel

20.64 kmpl

2015-2019 VW Vento

1.6-litre MPI petrol

16 kmpl

1.2-litre TSI petrol

18.2 kmpl

1.5-litre TDI diesel

22.2 kmpl

2020 VW Vento

1.0-litre TSI petrol

17.6 kmpl

Coming to driving dynamics, the VW Vento has always been known for its dynamic capabilities. As a capable compact sedan the Vento is a very involving car to drive. Handling is crisp and ride quality is good as well. The suspension set-up is slightly stiff but it helps negate body roll. The steering feels good at triple digit speeds and gives a lot of confidence since the braking too is very sharp. The diesel version of the Vento has superb NVH levels and is capable of delivering enjoyable performance. 

Talking about safety, the VW Vento is pure peace of mind. The compact sedan comes with two airbags and ABS with as standard. Additionally, window anti-pinch feature, ESP and Hill hold control  further add more to the safety credentials of the VW Vento. The VW Vento has been rated 5-star in the Latin NCAP and ASEAN NCAP, making it a strong candidate as one of the safest cars you can buy in India.

 Performance & Safety Key Highlights

  • Powerful diesel engine
  • Capable petrol engine
  • Excellent NVH Levels
  • Durable built quality
  • 5-star safety rating in Latin NCAP & ASEAN NCAP
  • Hill Hold Control

Volkswagen Vento Price

As a sedan, the Volkswagen Vento provides a compelling choice in the market today. The 2021 models now come with TSI engines as standard and retain much of their dynamic performance as a result. With prices starting from ₹9.99 lakhs, the Vento offers an affordable avenue to own a feature-rich and premium sedan.

Volkswagen Vento On-Road Price



Ex-Showroom Price

On-Road Price (Delhi-NCR)

VW Vento Comfortline

TSI Manual

₹9.99 lakhs

₹11.12 lakhs

VW Vento Highline

TSI Manual

₹9.99-12.75 lakhs

₹11.12-14.67 lakhs

TSI Automatic

₹12.70-14.10 lakhs

₹14.61-16.22 lakhs

Used Volkswagen Vento Price

One thing that makes the Vento quite a popular choice in the used car market is its good build quality, powerful diesel engine and Volkswagen’s reliability and ample safety. A pre-owned VW Vento comes in at the price of many compact sedans, which makes it a much better value proposition than its more compact competition. Driving home pre-owned Vento will make you feel the showroom rush thanks to its build to last engineering. In terms of pricing, a pre-owned Vento can be brought home for as low as ₹5.3 lakhs depending on the model year and variant you are looking to buy.

Spinny Assured Used Volkswagen Vento


Prices Starting from

₹4.2 LAKHS


Prices Starting from

₹5.2 LAKHS


Prices Starting from

₹7.4 LAKHS


Prices Starting from

₹3.6 LAKHS


Prices Starting from

₹8.2 LAKHS


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