Spinny x Udasi family car

Udasi Family’s Spinny of Trust


Buying a family car often involves considering the opinions of several family members to settle on a car. So what do you do when buying a car that suits every member of the family?

This is exactly the question the Udasi family asked themselves when considering a car that each of them can drive comfortably. This is the story of how the Udasi family found their family car.

A Comfortable Drive

Getting into the comfort zone is what everyone aims for when they drive. This was the objective with which Nikita, Chandni, and Vinit Udasi began their search for a car. Rather than restrict themselves to one brand or model, the Udasis chose to cast their net wide and consider a pre-owned car instead.

“The wide range of cars at Spinny spoilt us for choice. Each of us wanted to test drive a different car”

– Vinit Udasi
Spinny x Udasi family car 1

Their search for a pre-owned car brought them to Spinny, where the extensive range of quality cars thoroughly impressed Vinit. Every member of the Udasi family chose a different car to test drive at their home. In a comfortable environment, all three of them were able to evaluate the cars to their satisfaction. The height differences between the three meant the cars were just outside their comfort zone.

Strong Impression of Trust

As they evaluated a number of cars, the Udasis were instantly impressed with how easily they could trust Spinny for their next car. Every car they selected was thoroughly evaluated and certified. Each family member got the opportunity to properly test drive the cars according to their driving style.

“Having the option of 5-day Money back Guarantee and getting back your full money is the best part of Spinny.

– Chandni Udasi
Spinny x Udasi family car 2

With every car, our Spinny executives were on hand to guide each of the Udasi family members around the car and its specific characteristics. With comfort the primary motive, the Udasis test drove a number of cars before settling on the car that suited all three of them.

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The Perfect Family Car

The Udasi family were certain that their next car was waiting for them at Spinny. As each of them test drove the red Spinny Assured Mahindra KUV100, it was like a match made in heaven. Each one of the Udasis found their comfort zone with the KUV100 and the car complemented their lifestyle perfectly.

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