Top 5 Navigation Apps

How many of us have made it to an unknown destination without asking someone for directions? Not many I suppose. Even I get lost while driving through the lanes of Central Delhi and that is exactly why GPS becomes really handy.

Google Maps is the first name which comes to our mind while discussing about the best navigation apps. It has always been on the top of our list for obvious reasons. However, there are other navigation apps apart from Google, with some awesome features which you might like to consider using. Here’s a list of top 5 Navigation Apps:

  1. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

This one works purely on GPS, no internet connection required. It is the World’s most installed turn by turn GPS navigation app for Android with a simple and instinctive user interface. It features offline Tom Tom maps, Points of Interests, route planning and free map updates. There are some awesome premium features too like 3D maps, navigation instructions in celebrity voices, speed limit warnings, police trap warnings from other drivers. The app will also display the navigation directions onto the windshield, giving the driver a cool heads-up display.


  1. HERE by Nokia

HERE is an inbuilt navigation app for Windows Phone and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices as well. With a user-friendly interface and downloadable offline maps, this app makes it easy to navigate even without a working internet connection. It also features indoor maps for thousands of shopping centres and airports, a route planner and real time traffic information for more than 40 countries.

  1. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is the high performance navigation app which provides basic features like offline 2D street maps and a huge database of pre-loaded Points of Interests for free. It also gives you a free trial period of 7 days of its premium features namely voice guided navigation and active traffic updates. Some other features include driver-friendly 3D guidance, automatic routing, speedometer and much more.

  1. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

This free app is now owned by Google and has features like real time traffic information tracked down by other users driving on their way. It also alerts a user about community reported accidents, hazards, road closures etc. There is a real time ETA sharing function too.

  1. MapmyIndia

As the name suggests, this one features the finest maps of India with house numbers and street level view. It also gives information about useful places like ATMs, restaurants, petrol pumps around any location.

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