Top 5 Car Accessories For Parents

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We all know that cars are more than just a means of transportation from point A to point B, at times we have meetings, picnics and sometimes even sleep in our cars and to make our car life comfortable come in the accessories. A car might look dapper from the outside but if it is only seats and functions it would soon become boring. Accessories are what make a car happening and fun to drive.

Coming to our headline, being a parent is already a multitasking job and add driving to it then it’s a catastrophic level event. However, in this modern age there are modern solutions to keep driving safe, your little ones safer and your sanity the safest! There are many accessories in the market to take care of your many needs, let us suggest the top 5 car accessories you being a parent should have.

Kids Car Seat

Mother caressing her baby in the car seat

Having a car seat for children is an absolute must and a very necessary requirement if you have children in the 0-12 age range. We, being parents, have the tendency to think that a child is safe in our arms which might be true if you are at home but not in the case of a car. At speeds of as low as 30 kph laws of Physics come into action and in the event of sudden braking yours and the tiny baby’s weight multiplies many times, becoming a major life threat. Car seats help restrain your children while keeping them comfortable, they also are very safe compared to normal seats.

Growing kids need new car seats depending on the age range, information about which can be sought out on the internet. In India however, there is no law enforcing the use of a child seat, which is why we don’t see it being majorly advertised, but we highly recommend investing in a car seat.

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Fold Out Tray

Children playing in the car on a fold out tray

Well this one is to protect your car from the kids! Let’s face it children are clumsy and hungry all the time, so why would they be any different in the car. The advantage of a fold out tray is that it can also double up as a food tray and a play table for kids, while for your toddler it can act as a spill guard in case he/she wants to drop something just for the fun of it. If you are on the road for a long ride, with a fold out tray there wouldn’t be any need to stop at an eatery. Just grab food from home and the kids can eat it on the road. Even adults who have problems keeping hands straight can make use of the tray while eating or sipping their favourite drink.

Window Shades

Baby laughing in the car shade

A window shade helps keep UV rays in check that could come in via sunlight, which might be harmful for your baby’s eyes and delicate skin. These shades can also act as sleep inducers for your baby by blocking out excess light. A window shade on your car could also help decrease the temperatures in your car while on a drive and keep the interior more comfortable. Want to keep peeping Toms away? Use a window shade to keep prying eyes away and maintain your privacy. Window shades come in many Window shades shapes and sizes depending on your need.

Seat Organiser

Car organizer on the rear of the front seat

With children comes their stuff which is needed to keep them engaged and quiet throughout the journey, it can be anything like diapers, wipes, toys, books, food, etc. Kids bring in a lot of stuff and if left unchecked your car could become a mess. A seat organiser takes the pain of searching stuff away which can be crucial in your journey. It has separate pockets and space where you can keep different stuff and place it on the seat or hang it behind your seat where it would be easy for your children to access. Best part is that even adults can organise their stuff if they’ve an overloaded schedule.

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Trash Bin

Car trash bin

Trash bins come in handy if you have kids on board as they help keep the car garbage and mess free. Diaper change, food wrappers, other wastes can be easily dumped into the trash bin. Another advantage of the trash bin is that it teaches your kids the habit of not messing the car, if they see a trash bin they are more likely to throw stuff in it rather than elsewhere. Trash bins also come in handy when you are deciding to clean the car on the go.

Safety is a crucial and an inherent part of driving. Of all the accessories mentioned above a car seat is a must and a necessary requirement and we would emphasize on buying a car seat before you plan to take your little one out for a ride.


Why can’t I carry my child in my lap while in a car?

Safety. Making your kid sit in your lap and having the safety belt on is unsafe as seat belts are designed for adults not for children and until your kid is 12 years or older or fits the measurements required to wear a seatbelt, make them sit in the kids car seat.

How to make a child sit quietly in the car?

Well, the two reasons why children get uneasy is when they are hungry or bored. To conquer hunger give them food, be careful of sugary treats, this would give them a boost of energy you might not like. Keep them entertained to avoid boredom, this could include giving them jigsaw puzzles, toys or you yourself getting involved in a game with your kid.

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