Tony George with his Spinny Assured Tata Tiago JTP

Tony’s Spinny Back Home

The lockdown to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in India had created distance among family members. Many working professionals found themselves separated from their loved ones during the lockdown months. As the lockdown eased, travelling by air, rail, or bus was restricted. Moreover, the higher risk of infections in these modes of travel deterred many who wanted a safe mode of transport back home.

Tony George, an engineer by profession, found himself in a similar predicament. As the lockdown descended, like many others, Tony found himself 600 kilometers away from his family. With the lockdown restrictions lifting, travel by air or by rail were not feasible modes of transport to make the journey home.

The Road Home

Determined to reunite with his family, Tony made a decision to take the road back home. However with no car, he needed a vehicle that would perform not only for the 600 km journey home but also for the journey of life. Amidst the restrictions of the lockdown, Tony began his search for a used car in mint condition with great performance.

While this criteria may seem simple, it is easier said than done. Tony found that the used car market was flooded with uncertified cars of different qualities. At this time, more than any other, Tony wanted to find a certified car backed by a guarantee.

The Car that Performs

Tony found an expansive inventory of cars on Spinny. With every car being certified after a rigorous 200-point inspection, Tony was reassured that his car would be found on Spinny. After shortlisting many cars, he took a test drive of a few cars.

While the car ticked all the boxes when it came to its condition, Tony was looking for something that would provide more performance. This was until Tony found the Spinny Assured Tata Tiago JTP, a car built for performance. It was as if in his time of need, Tony’s dreams were answered in the form of this performance machine.

While the other cars were all of great quality, I just fell in love with the performance of this Tiago JTP.

– Tony George

All Checks Complete

Finding his dream performance machine was not the last step for Tony. With quality being the most important criteria, Tony had the car independently evaluated for complete assurance. After a few more test drives of the car, Tony made the purchase and became the proud owner of his dream performance machine.

“The professionalism really makes a difference. Spinny patiently addressed all of my concerns and even let me independently evaluate the car to my satisfaction.”

Tony took delivery of his Tiago JTP and completed all the paper to make it his. Once his paperwork was all complete, Tony headed out the very next day with his companion to make his journey home.

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