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How to Choose the Right Pre-owned Car Dealer

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Cars are an essential part of our lives. They not only complete our transportation needs, but also become our companion for long journeys. Buying a new car is not an easy task. Whether you buy a budget hatchback or a premium SUV, choosing the right car is not everyone’s cup of tea. After all, it involves a lot of your hard-earned money. That is why the best decision to make is to consider buying a pre-owned vehicle. But to bring home the best pre-owned car, you need a trusted and transparent dealership.

Since the pre-owned vehicle market is now an immensely diverse niche, a lot of new players and business entities are trying out their luck in the field. But with so many sellers and dealership, it is hard to make out which one’s genuine. A lot of innocent buyers often find themselves trapped in a fraudulent or scam transaction. However, to protect yourself from getting scammed, here are a few things you must look out for in a pre-owned car dealer.

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1) A diverse inventory

Inventory of Cars

One of the most defining features for any pre-owned dealership is it’s inventory of cars. Whenever you go out to look for your next pre-owned vehicle, make sure to transact with a dealer that offers a diverse inventory. This way you can be assured of finding the perfect car that matches your budget and other key preferences. Ask your dealer to show you cars based upon your budget, type, colour or any other preference. This way you will know that the dealer is genuine and does not deal in cars that could potentially be stolen or acquired without a good title.

2) Non-Accidental Cars with a Good Title

Non accidental Car with a good title

Another thing you must make sure while transacting with a pre-owned car dealer is that each car you inspect must have a non-accidental history and a good title. To make sure you are safe from any kind of fraud/scam ask your dealer to show you original copies of documents like Registration Certificate and Insurance History. Transacting with a dealer that provides you with original/authentic copies of title papers and insurance history, can prevent you from getting scammed

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3) Fair and Competitive Pricing 

Fair Car Price

Since buying a new car involves a substantial amount of your savings, make sure you transact with a dealer that offers competitive pricing. A good and fair dealership often removes middlemen to offer you a huge price advantage. While comparing prices offered by the various dealerships, make sure you keep in mind factors such as current and past market trends, demand and availability of the model you prefer, condition of the car and its interiors and future resale value. This way you tone down dealership options to ultimately chose a dealer that offers fair and competitive pricing.

4) Car Service History

Car Service History

A car’s service history tells you a lot about a car’s health. When buying a pre-owned vehicle, make sure that your dealer provides you with a vehicle’s complete service history. By doing this you can inspect when and where the car of your choice was serviced and the details of any repairs or services done. Another way most dealers scam you is by tampering with the odometer of a vehicle and reducing the kilometres covered. However, by asking for the complete service history you can relate the vehicle’s condition with its odometer reading and be assured of a fair and transparent purchase.

5) Car Inspection Report

The way your body’s health condition is reflected in your blood and other medical tests, a car’s health is also reflected in mechanical and other technical inspections. While transacting with a pre-owned vehicle dealership, make sure that you are provided with a complete and authentic inspection report. A typical inspection report comprises of various criterias upon which the current status of a car is rated. From mechanical aspects to electrical components, a complete inspection report is synonymous of a genuine and transparent buy. Once you receive the inspection report you can even go-ahead to get the car inspected yourself.

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6) Post-Sale documentation and Services

The process of buying a new car does not stop even after the payment is done and the vehicle is delivered. To make sure your transaction is complete you must get your vehicle legally registered. Therefore, the final thing to look out for while choosing a pre-owned car dealership is post-sale documentation and services offered. A genuine and transparent car dealership will always be at the forefront in providing you with post-sale documentation and registration services. These could be in the form of a doorstep RC provision service or a liaison service with the local authorities. When choosing the right dealership for yourself, look out for documentation and registration services.

Another key aspect to look out for is the post-sale services and warranties offered. After all, who wouldn’t like a one-year service warranty on a pre-owned car? Services such as post-sale warranties, money-back guarantee and other attractive offers are what sets apart one dealership from another.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect and most trusted pre-owned car dealership, here’s a bonus list of some of the organized used car dealers in Delhi NCR:

Spinny Car Hub – Gurugram, Kirti Nagar and Noida

Spinny is a name that is trusted by many. At Spinny, you can experience an inventory of more than 100 pre-inspected vehicles at any given point of time. Spinny offers industry-leading services such as a 200 point inspection report, 5-day money-back guarantee, one year warranty, highest quality no-accidental cars, complete post-sale registration services and much more.

Spinny has been in business since late 2016 and has carved a niche for itself in terms of customer satisfaction and transparency, making it the best pre-owned car dealership in Delhi NCR.

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· Big Boy Toys-Gurugram

Big Boy Toyz

A name that speaks luxury, Big Boy Toyz is a hugely famous pre-owned car dealership that specifically deals in pre-owned luxury and supercars. With a tagline “Super Cars for Super Stars”, inventory at BBT starts with a price tag of Rs 50 with the sky being the upper limit. At BBT, you can find all supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porches, Maserati, and Bugatti etc. A name that stands for transparency, trust and luxury, BBT is the perfect place to buy a pre-owned supercar!

Mahindra First Choice 

Mahindra First Choice is the largest franchise based pre-owned car dealership in India. With a business that claims to undertake more than 10000 transactions per month from over 750 franchise outlets, Mahindra First Choice is a name that stands for consumer satisfaction and impeccable services. With a significant presence across Delhi NCR, it is not difficult to find their dealerships in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. Not only do they offer a wide network of pre-owned vehicles, but also provide a post-sale service warranty backed by the car manufacturing giant; Mahindra.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest pre-owned dealership and bring home your dream car.

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