Spinny Customer Tauqeer receives delivery of his Spinny Assured Alto

Tauqeer’s Spinny for a Trustworthy Drive


When we look to buy a car for ourselves or our family, the quality of the car is of the utmost importance. But in addition to this, we also seek an accessible car buying experience.

Tauqeer Mukhtar was on the lookout for the best quality pre-owned car he could find. What he got was so much more.

The Search for Quality

Tauqeer’s search for a used car began as a need to own a car for simple commutes at a time when safety and hygiene are important. However, what should have been a few days of shortlisting and test driving used cars, quickly became an arduous process of sorting out used car dealers to find one he could trust.

“I value trust greatly and it was in short supply when I was dealing with a majority of used car dealers.”

Whether it was dealing with damaged used cars or unnecessarily long price negotiations, Tauqeer spent 10 days looking for a good quality used car. He adds that “dealing with most of the used car dealers was more exhausting and time consuming than it needed to be.” The time he spent going through untrustworthy dealers was time lost choosing the right car for himself.

Finding the Right Car

“Some of my friends recommended Spinny and its services,” explains Tauqeer, “That got me curious whether it was actually true.” Once Tauqeer began going through Spinny’s services online, he found that there was something special that other customers before him had experienced. With more confidence and hope, he reached out to the Spinny team in search of his next car.

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Spinny Customer Tauqeer receives delivery of his Spinny Assured Alto

“Everything at Spinny was genuine. From their cars to their executives, I could trust them very easily”

“I am very grateful for the Spinny Executives who made sure to understand every need and concern of mine,” Tauqeer adds, “All the cars were also genuinely non-accidental and in great condition, which made it easier to choose my car.” One major plus point, according to Tauqeer, was the Fixed Price Assurance that saved a lot of his time and he felt the price matched the car’s condition.

Spinny Assured Maruti Suzuki Alto

Tauqeer finally chose a beautiful Spinny Assured Alto 800 that has everything he expects his car to do. As someone who lives in Delhi, the compact size and very good fuel economy are what attracted Tauqeer towards this car. “Driving my own car through Delhi is an absolute joy, and driving my friends around is a lot of fun,” adds Tauqeer.

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