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What is Tata iRA Connected Car Technology?

Connected car technology is becoming a common inclusion in most cars in India and Tata has joined the bandwagon with its Tata iRA connected car feature. As the reputed Indian brand is renowned for always offering a premium experience, they have cut no corners in equipping their products with nothing but the best. Here is the detailed explanation of all Tata iRA features.

What is Tata iRA?Tata iRA

Tata iRA offers a set of internet-based features which elevate the convenience and safety of your Tata car. Tata iRA features are segregated into 5 main categories: remote control, vehicle security, driver analysis, live diagnosis and location-based services.

Features of Tata iRA

Remote Control

  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Remote horn
  • Distance to empty (DTE) check
  • Remote lights on/off

The remote control allows you to perform various functions of your car remotely such as lock, unlock, switch on/off lights, and blow horns. It also tells you the distance in which the available fuel in the car will be exhausted.

Vehicle Security

  • Panic Notification
  • Find my car
  • Emergency SMS
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Intrusion alert
  • Remote immobilization

The vehicle security serves you with six features. In case of any mishap, the emergency SMS sends a message to your emergency contacts and the nearest RSA. If someone tries to enter your vehicle the intrusion alert function sends you an alert. You can also immobilize your car remotely. Moreover, with the help of the ‘Find my Car’ feature you can get the car location on your phone.

SOS/ Panic Mode

While travelling alone, if you need any emergency help, by pressing the SOS button you can inform your emergency contact. This can also be done by pressing the lock and unlock button at the same time.

Driver analysis

Under the ‘Gamification’ feature you connect with the group of other Tata iRA users. This feature also gives you a driving score and tips to improve your driving. The driving score is based upon acceleration, braking, and some other driving details and can be shared with other Tata iRA users.

Live Diagnosis

  • Brake system status
  • Electric power steering status
  • Powertrain status
  • Speed alert
  • Idle start
  • Weather updates
  • Service due

The live diagnosis feature tells you the specific issues your car faces if any, instead of just showing the check-engine light. This way you can’t be overcharged while getting your car serviced. The speed alerts can also be set for the driver and the idle alerts inform you of car activities while it’s parked such as an active AC.

Location based technology

  • Geo Fencing
  • Time fencing alert
  • Valet mode
  • Share location
  • Roadside assistance
  • Nearest service station

Along with tracking the live car location with GPS based services you can set the distance range for your car. If your car crosses this range you get alerts, this feature is known as Geo-fencing. Geo-fencing also allows you the flexibility of setting time-based distance ranges. You can also share your location through a phone application and locate the nearest RSA and service station.

The natural voice tech feature allows you voice controls which even supports Hinglish words. And, the What3Words feature provides the address in a simplified form. For this the What3Words technology uses a unique three-word address for a specific location of 3 square metres.

Cars with Tata iRA

Tata AltrozTata Altroz

The elegant Indian hatchback offers Tata iRA features in its XZ Plus and above trims. The ex-showroom price of Tata Altroz XZ Plus is 8.49 lakhs.

Tata PunchTata Punch

The recently launched Tata Punch offers Tata iRA pack with its Creative variant at an added price of ₹30,000. The ex-showroom price of Tata Punch Creative is ₹8.38 lakhs.

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon

The ground-breaking performer from Tata’s stable, Tata Nexon is equipped with Tata iRA features in its XZ Plus (O) and above variants. The ex-showroom price of Tata Nexon XZ Plus (O) is 11.09 lakhs.

Tata SafariTata Safari

Tata’s most premium offering, Tata Safari offers Tata iRA features in its XT and above variants. The ex-showroom price of Tata Safari XT is 18.05 lakhs.


Which Tata Cars have Tata iRA?

Currently Tata offers Tata iRA features in Tata Altroz, Tata Nexon, and Tata Safari.

What is a Geo-Fencing feature?

With the help of the geo-fencing feature of your car, you can outline an area of any size. Whenever your vehicle enters or leaves the geofenced area, you receive an alert. The geofencing is done by using a vehicle tracking software and the GPS location tracker monitors the vehicle movement.

What is ‘idle alert’ in Tata iRA?

The ‘Idle Alert’ feature of Tata iRA informs you about the activities of your car when it's parked, for example: active AC.

How many features are there in Tata iRA?

The Tata iRA has 27 features.

What is the ‘Find my Car’ feature in Tata iRA?

The ‘Find my Car’ feature of Tata iRA allows you to track the location of your car through the internet.

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