Spinny Insights 2021

Spinny Insights of 2021

This year has been marked by the extraordinary challenges we have overcome together. From taking every necessary step to secure the health of our family members and ourselves as well as getting vaccinated at the first opportunity, to venturing outside in our effort to live in the new normal. As we get more comfortable to …

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Spinny Squad Stars: Arun’s Detailed Focus on Customers

The ensuing pandemic and the corresponding lockdown has been hard on everyone. However, even during these times there are people who are ready to help and serve people. At Spinny, many of our employees are heading out, meeting customers, and delivering a high standard of service. We asked one of our star employees in Bangalore, …

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The Story behind Spinny

The Used Car market in India has been getting a lot of attention for quite sometime now. Due to the better value proposition, more & more Indian buyers are leaning towards adopting a car. But the roadblock in this direction has been the asymmetry of information present in the process of used car transactions, dearth of …

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