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Spinny Squad Stars: Arun’s Detailed Focus on Customers

The ensuing pandemic and the corresponding lockdown has been hard on everyone. However, even during these times there are people who are ready to help and serve people. At Spinny, many of our employees are heading out, meeting customers, and delivering a high standard of service.

We asked one of our star employees in Bangalore, Arun, to share his experience during the lockdown and of working after the opening of the lockdown. Here’s what he had to say:

Spending Time with my Bike and Friends

The lockdown came as a surprise for everyone. The sudden imposition of the lockdown, changed Arun’s normal lifestyle. He felt that the lockdown was initially too restricting as he could no longer visit his friends or colleagues.

“The lockdown gave me the opportunity to focus on myself and my hobbies”

Arun had a more time to focus on himself and he shared how he chose to utilize this time. “I started meditating to keep my mind healthy and also intensified my workout schedule to keep my body in shape,” says Arun, “and since I am a professionally trained mechanic, I refined my repair skills and carried out some overdue repairs on my bike.”

On the significant lifestyle changes, Arun says that he was “really happy he got the opportunity to spend quality time with my family.” He also added that keeping in touch with his friends was a little different, with all interactions becoming online interactions. “I am looking forward to meeting all of my friends and fellow colleagues face-to-face. It’s been a long time.”

Back to Work & Focused on Safety

Arun explained that the greatest challenge after the opening of the lockdown was that they “have to be a lot more careful now than we were before the lockdown.” He added that “while procedures for preparing the car have not changed too much, interactions with our customers have changed drastically. We have to reassure our customers that the cars have been sanitized and they are safe to test drive and ultimately buy.”

We take our responsibility to help our customers and their families understand the car they are buying

Arun also noted that customers have become more price conscious than before. He observed that “these days they evaluate whether buying a used car is actually worth it,” and added that to help each of his customers, he has been “spending more time explaining every aspect about the car, it’s technical details, and Spinny’s 1 year warranty and 5 day guarantee. So far, I haven’t had a car returned, so I’m quite happy with that.”

Responsibility to Honour the Trust

So, what motivates Arun to deliver his best? ” I have to regularly interact with customers and every customer is different. Their needs, budgets, and preferences are all different from each other.”

People come to Spinny because they are trusting the company to give them a great pre-owned car.

Arun further added that when customers interact with him, “they are not interacting with me as an individual. They are interacting with Spinny. This is a responsibility I take very seriously and it is something my customers appreciate a lot.”

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