Menstrual Leaves: A Day for Self-Care

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As we build Spinny into an organisation founded on the core values of trust and transparency, it is important to take care of every member in the Squad Spinny family. Whether out on the field or in the office, our people are our most valuable asset. Our Squad is our beating heart and we take great pride in being a people-first organisation.

At Spinny, every team member isn’t just an employee. They are an embodiment of our work culture which inspires us to do the best work of our lives.

To ensure we inspire the best in each other, fostering an inclusive workplace that addresses the individual needs of every Squad member to allow them to unlock their potential. As we continue to incorporate forward-looking policies, we would like to announce the introduction of the Menstrual Leave Policy for all women working in Spinny.

What is the Menstrual Leave Policy?

Women represent 20% of our workforce and from time to time, they may experience Dysmenorrhea or painful periods. For those experiencing such a pain, it can severely impede their abilities to carry out normal daily tasks, let alone put in the put in the effort to contribute to work. In these circumstances we cannot require our colleagues to simply “work through the pain”.

Spinny’s Menstrual leave Policy is for the days when the pain is unbearable and you need time off for yourself. The policy provides an additional 12 days of leaves annually to every woman working with Spinny.

  • Every woman working with Spinny can avail one day of menstrual leave per month, making it a total of 12 days in a year
  • There are no conditions to apply and avail a Menstrual Leave. Take a day for yourself when you feel you need it.
  • Menstruation isn’t a taboo and you are free to inform others that you are on your Menstrual Leave. If you experience any harassment regarding this, you can reach out to HR under our prevention of sexual harassment policies.
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Out with the Stigma

Introducing a Menstrual Leave Policy is a step towards reducing the inequalities at an organisational level. Every person faces different challenges in their lives. Only when we remove the barriers of these challenges can we truly drive free in our lives.

The Menstrual Leave is simply an instrument to allow our female colleagues to get through the worst days of their menstrual cycles to help them deliver their best. It is also an instrument to remove the taboo and stigma around menstruation and create an inclusive and conducive environment for every Squad Spinny member.

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