Spinny Star Rating : Insight to the Car’s True Condition

Spinny Star Rating Engine

  • What is Spinny Rating Engine?

Spinny rating engine is basically our scoring mechanism based on a proprietary algorithm that takes inputs from our Inspection Process to calculate the rating for a car.

This rating acts as an indicator and helps provide users quick insights about the true condition of a car listed on Spinny.



  • How it works?

Condition Rating

The proprietary algorithm takes inputs from the results of the Inspection process. In the Inspection process, each car is inspected across a thorough checklist of 200 points. The results are fed to the Rating engine and reviewed by the lead inspector.

Model wise performance and feature data also help us to measure the importance of each factor on its perception for that model and actual functional performance.

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Spinny Inspection

Ownership rating:

Along with just the condition, the factors which affect the desirability of a car are the ownership status of a car like registration dates, hypothecation and the current number of owners. Though these factors are not related to the performance but are closely related to the perception of the products in the matter.

Overall Rating :

Taking all factors which affect the buying decision for a buyer we calculate a final score for each product listing which provides quick insights into the true condition of a car.

Overall = f(Condition Rating, Ownership Rating)

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