Spinny Squad Stars: Sunil’s Petrolhead Passion

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The ensuing pandemic and the corresponding lockdown has been hard on everyone. However, even during these times there are people who are ready to help and serve people. At Spinny, many of our team members are heading out, meeting customers, and delivering a high standard of service.

Sunil is one of our star team members in Bangalore, who has been at the forefront of delivering his best for our customers.

Staying Passionate from a Distance

When it comes to passionate petrolheads, Sunil is one of those very few who lives and breathes cars and bikes everyday. Having worked earlier in a single brand car showroom, Sunil was absolutely delighted to be surrounded by just about every car from every manufacturer at Spinny. 

Spinny employee Sunil striking a pose next to his bike
Sunil striking a pose with his bike

As social distancing became the norm during the lockdown, unfortunately Sunil too had to distance himself from the cars at the Spinny Car Hub. It also meant that for a while, he couldn’t head out for short biking excursions to unwind. How did Sunil cope with this separation? “The sudden change in my schedule was something I had to adjust to. Instead of working at the office, my work from home routine involved regular virtual technical training sessions to keep myself up-to-date with the technical specifications of the cars.”

“The virtual training sessions gave me more knowledge about the cars I love and a greater appreciation for the finer details that make them unique.”

As for his passion for cars, Sunil added that he “missed the cars at the Car Hub and making sure they stay in prime condition Thankfully, there were still a few new car launches being announced for me to keep track of and stay updated with.” His bike on the other hand, was always at hand for short rides to take some of the stress away.

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Reassurance at Every Step

“It’s been challenging after the lockdown to meet and interact with customers,” says Sunil. For him, reassuring customers about the safety and hygiene of Spinny’s cars at every stage of their car buying journey has become a major part of his process. “I connect with my customers directly over a video call. Through this I can provide a personalized service to each customer, cater to all their queries and reassure them that the car is sanitized.” He further adds that “customers feel safer and more confident conducting a test drive at home after the video call.”

“I can freely share my passion with my customers and give them the confidence to choose the best.”

Sunil further explains that his passion for cars allows him to dedicate as much time as needed to walk his customers through every aspect of the car and clear their doubts. In the new normal, he adds that “customers are more aware and sensitive to whether the car has been sanitised properly or not. I make sure to reassure them over the video call to show them our sanitisation process and only take the care to them if they are satisfied.”

Sunil delivering a car to a customer #WithExtraCare

The Changing Demands

“Earlier when I was working in a car showroom, there were only a limited number of cars under one brand. While I enjoyed it, I could not fully indulge my passion,” says Sunil of what interests him at Spinny, “ At Spinny, there’s no limit to how much I can indulge myself and it’s an added bonus that when I’m interacting with customers, I can freely share my passion and advise them for the best.”

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