Spinny Squad Star: Ajay Takes the Lead

Since its inception, Spinny has been built on the contributions and efforts of talented men and women. They are all part of the family we call Spinny Squad. Even during these difficult times, they are giving their best to make the customer experience the best it can be. At Spinny, our strength is our people.

Our location in Hyderabad has been gaining ground thanks to effort of our Spinny Squad Stars in the city. When you want to buy your car from Spinny in Hyderabad, newly appointed Hub Manager Nambala Ajay Kumar may be the one helping you.

Groomed to Lead

Ajay, along with his team members, has been an incredible contributor to Spinny’s performance in Bengaluru. In a short time, he has established himself as one of the best performing Relationship Managers in Bengaluru. Ajay’s exceptional performance did not come overnight. It was the result of Ajay’s own determination as well as the mentorship of his superior, Mayur Borsaikia.

“I feel privileged and inspired to have great mentors in Bengaluru. I owe my growth to their mentorship.

Originally a resident of Vishakhapatnam, Ajay has always felt that working for Spinny feels like being at home. “When I joined Spinny, I was mostly focused on myself and my numbers,” explains Ajay, “The team in Bengaluru, who I see as family, inspired me to go beyond the numbers and do more professionally.”

Ajay (right) receiving a performance award from Vivek Aalok, VP Operations (left)

Apart from meeting sales numbers, Ajay would be given smaller managerial tasks to complete. “I didn’t know at the time, but all of those small tasks were giving me the practice to be a leader,” remembers Ajay. Through practice, Ajay inculcated many leadership qualities that will serve as a foundation for his new role as Hub Manager in Hyderabad.

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Rising to the Challenge

Having positively contributed to the performance in Bengaluru, Ajay now looks forward to making the most of his promotion to Hub Manager to make a similar positive impact in Hyderabad. With experience under his belt, Ajay is poised to contribute to bringing the same success to Hyderabad as Bengaluru. “Hyderabad has immense potential for Spinny to grow and it’s a challenge I aim to conquer,” shares Ajay on the task ahead.

“I will be focused on delivering beyond what the customer expects. Their happiness and satisfaction is my metric for success.

Ajay sees Hyderabad as a place where success is possible. “The success of the Fixed Price Assurance programme in Hyderabad as an indicator that the people of Hyderabad are looking for a better experience,” explains Ajay. He is also aware that as Hub Manager, there will still be challenges that he will need to face with his team. “I may be leading as a Hub Manager, but I am still learning and growing from my experiences,” says Ajay, “I know that if we’re working as a team, Spinny will see great success in Hyderabad.”

Not Just Work

It may appear that Ajay is a very work-focused individual. While that is true, he does enjoy letting his hair down once in a while to enjoy himself. “I like getting tattooed,” shares Ajay, “I have got a few and I’m looking forward to getting more in the future.”

Cricket is another passion of Ajay’s and he’s quite excited about being able to play regularly in Hyderabad. “I love playing cricket but I haven’t played regularly in a while,” says Ajay, “When the Hyderabad team said there’s a cricket ground near the Car Hub, I knew where my free time would be going.”

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