Jayanth’s Spinny to his Business

Businesses have been hit during the lockdown period in our country. With the lockdown restrictions reducing, businesses are eager to get going again and deliver products and services to their customers.

In an effort to restart his business efforts and reach his customers, Jayanth, a businessman in Bangalore, was in the market to purchase a car quickly and without hassle. Time was of the essence for Jayanth and with lockdown restrictions still in place, visiting multiple used car dealers was out of the option.

In his search for a reliable and transparent used car seller, Jayanth came across Spinny. He wanted a car that would be compact and reliable while not sacrificing functionality. He found a Honda Brio that fit his needs perfectly. In order to verify that what he was seeing online was what he would get in person, Jayanth scheduled a home test drive at his residence. After thoroughly test driving and inspecting the car on his own, he had made his decision.

I have immense freedom to run my business and reach my clients

– Jayanth

Jayanth took delivery of his Honda Brio at his business address and was excited to get the keys to his car. “The lockdown has been a difficult time for me and my business,” he said, “The entire purchase process was almost like buying from an e-commerce site. The delivery was prompt and the executive made sure it was all done with minimal contact. Having this car has given me immense freedom to travel to my office and reach my clients when needed.”

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