Giri’s Spinny for a Second Car

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There are a number of reasons why people buy a second car. Some want a separate car for their spouse or children while some want another car that offers a different kind of utility.

Whatever the reason, a second car always fulfills a role in any family. Giri, an insurance exectutive in Bangalore, wanted a second car that was low on maintenance and perfectly suited for city driving.

City Driving Champion

Giri was already the owner of a Chevrolet Beat and was no stranger to owning a second car, having owned a Tata Nano. Unfortunately, his Nano met with an accident and was in no condition to be driven again.

“A second car in the family is a major help for my wife and daughter.”

Giri started his search for a replacement for his Nano. He was looking for a car that could handle the congested city roads of Bangalore as well as be a low maintenance car. He also was very keen to avoid the high prices, even for hatchbacks, in Bangalore and settled on buying a used car to be as cost efficient as possible.

The Tata Nano was the perfect car for Giri’s needs

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a threat, Giri restricted his search to online classifieds and online used car platforms. With a number of small hatchbacks in the market, he was apprehensive about the condition of the cars and how they will suit his needs. However, once he found Spinny, the assurance of a non-accidental used car gave him confidence to begin shortlisting.

First Time Online Experience

Sticking with what he was already comfortable with, Giri shortlisted a few Tata Nano cars. After test driving his shortlisted cars, Giri had his heart set on a red Tata Nano that didn’t have too many miles on the odometer. As it was his first time buying a car online, Giri independently verified the service history and found it to be exactly as reported on the Spinny inspection report.

“My first time buying a used car online and Spinny has impressed me with how thorough they are with the cars. I have no doubts about the car I’m buying.”

Giri took delivery of his Tata Nano at the Spinny Car Hub in Bangalore with his wife and daughter. “It’s like my car has come back to me,” Giri adds, “I’m very familiar with the way this car drives and I’m happy to be able to drive it again.”

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