Anurag’s Spinny to a Safe Commute

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Lockdown restrictions are slowly being removed and many companies are restarting their office operations. One concern that many employees have is reaching their office safely during these uncertain times. The owner of this Spinny Assured Tata Tiago had the same concern.

As the manager in an IT company, Anurag was essential to the operations at his office. Having relied on public transportation earlier to reach his office, he began looking for an alternative to reach his office. At the moment, the limited cab availability in the city was proving to be too unreliable and expensive in the short term. Additionally, leasing a car was also not available for the required time period Anurag required.

Buying a car was the most viable option to ensure he had mobility at his disposal. The uncertainty during the lockdown lowered his budget for a car, making used cars even more attractive. One of the services Anurag used to find a used car was Spinny. “While I was considering different options in the market, I think Spinny was the only service that allowed me to test drive the car at my home to get a better idea of the car I wanted to finally buy,” says Anurag.

Anurag finally chose the Tata Tiago from Spinny and completed his purchase over the weekend. He took delivery of his car at his home and was extremely happy about being able to buy and own his own car without a lot of hassle. The car has taken away a lot of the uncertainty that Anurag had about commuting to his office safely and, according to him, “has been his saviour.”

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