Delivery of red Renault Kwid to Spinny Customers

Anuj & Anushree’s Spinny at First Sight

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The lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to many people thinking about their transportation needs in the near future. With public transport being risky, many are looking to owning a car to keep themselves mobile.

Searching for the Perfect Car

Anuj and Anushree Kapur found themselves making this very decision and decided to buy a used car for Anushree to use. With post-lockdown precautions in mind, they set out to evaluate a number of used car dealers and platforms to find the one that would provide the most convenience and safety when buying their used car.

In terms of the car they wanted to buy, the couple wanted a car that would be easy to drive and maintain while also being fuel efficient. They shortlisted three cars from Spinny to test drive at their home. Each of the cars was within their budget and fit their needs exactly but after the test drives, the couple felt that the cars were not matching their preferences. In the background of the lockdown, the perfect match seemed elusive for the couple.

Anuj & Anushree’s Renault Kwid on its way to their home

Spinny Delivers With Extra Care

However, Spinny’s executives worked with the couple to narrow down their choices to match their exact needs. After much discussion and consultation, the couple were offered a test drive of a red Renault Kwid. The car ticked all the boxes of the couple’s requirements but the couple still had to give their final word.

Everything from the test drives at home to the maintenance of the car, Spinny was the right choice for us. This Kwid was the third car we test drove and Anushree loved it right away.

– Anuj Kapur

That is until they test drove the Renault Kwid at their residence. Once they set their eyes on the car, it was like love at first sight or as we call it, Spinny at first sight. The Kwid’s small dimensions made it a perfect fit for Anushree’s use and the couple initiated the process to get the car home.

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The preparation for the final delivery began with the car’s exterior and interior being sanitised by Spinny’s delivery agents. While taking extra care, the Renault Kwid was delivered to the couple at their home in Gurgaon, who were excited to receive their car. The car signifies the safety for the couple, especially Anushree, as they keep themselves mobile in these uncertain times.

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