Simran’s Spinny to Independence

Moving back from abroad and starting a job in a new city is never easy. In addition to handling the logistics of relocating, there are questions over transportation as well. One of Spinny’s recent car buyers/owners, Simran Gill was in a similar situation.

Having moved back to Gurgaon in 2019, she had been taking cabs to travel between her home and her work. While convenient, the unhygienic cabs and dangerous driving standards of the cab drivers made her consider becoming a car owner.

Buying a car was a great decision for me

– Simran Gill, Media Professional

Simran was looking for an Automatic car for the convenience and ease of driving offered by the car. As new automatic cars fall on the higher end of the price segment, she began searching in the used car market. She was wary of being cheated and getting a bad car.

This car means my independence!!

– Simran on what the car means to her

Her search brought her to Spinny, where she set about finding an automatic car within her budget. Finding the right car for herself took some time but with Spinny’s help, she finally found a Hyundai Grand i10 Automatic in February 2020. The car has granted her a new sense of freedom that no cab could ever match.

Spinny Hyundai Grand i10 on Spinny Delivery Truck
Simran’s Hyundai Grand i10 on its way to be delivered to her home
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