Should you Buy a Used Car Online after the Lockdown?

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The global coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we used to live and has forced us to think of make changes in our usual practices including the way we used to commute. With social distancing likely to become the new norm once the lockdown ends in India, consumers are likely to shy away from using public transport which will result in a spike in private car usage. Many users are planning to switch to safer modes of transportation due to the pandemic and therefore planning to buy a car within six months. Some users also plan to buy a car for their families so as to keep them protected after lockdown.

With the pandemic affecting the economy worldwide, it would be viable to limit budgets for high priced assets and therefore invest the hard-earned money much more wisely. Millennials, who never thought of investing in cars as they preferred taxi services, may now think of owning a used car.  Most of these first time buyers will be looking to buy small and compact cars for feasibility.


The whole social distancing that we are practising is also going to fundamentally alter some of the traditional ways of doing things such as traditional face-to-face transactions. After the lockdown gets over, a lot of companies as well as consumers will take the leap of faith and venture into the e-commerce market space to sell their products post the COVID-19 lockdown. Many of the companies will have to move towards e-commerce facilitation to serve their customers better.

How does an online car buying work?

When buying used cars online, the customer need not visit a dealer to go through the car buying process as everything would be digital. From selecting the model to selecting finance schemes, everything would be digital. With the help of technology, you can also configure your car and get direct assistance from a dedicated sales assistant to help you out at every step. Scheduling test drives online is also one of the options offered by the car manufacturers, so this fits in with a full digital buying experience. Of course, in the end, the car gets delivered to your home thus eliminating the need to even visit a dealership.

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The online platform that provides all of these services in the used car market is Spinny. It provides a comprehensive online platform for buying and selling a used car in the safest way possible. In addition to the pre-owned cars being fully inspected and comes with a 1 Year Warranty, the platform has created a seamless online experience to test drive, buy and own your next pre-owned car.

Why buy used cars online after lockdown?

The pandemic has altered the economic structures, therefore putting a dent on the pockets of the consumers. This opens the window for the used cars as an alternative to metros, shared transportation for the consumers which also helps in maintaining social distancing. Buying a new car after the lockdown could be more expensive owing to the introduction of BS6 cars and the uncertainty over discounts from dealerships. Used cars offer a greater value proposition to buyers looking to own their next car on a budget.

The cars are fully inspected and have a detailed description of their maintenance history as well as any mechanical faults. These certificates help in reducing the ambiguity and give peace of mind to the prospective buyer. One can buy a used car from the comfort of their sofas and can also get a warranty on the same. This further helps prospective buyers make a more informed decision when buying a used car online.

Is buying a used car online safe? The answer is yes. Since hygiene is one of the prominent issues post-COVID-19, used cars sold on Spinny are sanitized completely, making them just as hygienic as new cars. Apart from a thorough deep cleaning, every car’s frequently touched surfaces like the dashboard, steering wheel, infotainment system, buttons, door handles etc., are also specifically sanitized to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.

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dashboard cleaning

Buying a car after the lockdown ends will be a different experience. The transition to online purchasing of used cars will be easy as many people already have experience using e-commerce platforms. Platforms like Spinny provide easy discovery of used cars while at the same time providing sanitised and hygienic cars for test drive and purchase. So there you go, the next time you buy a car, it will be most probably be a different and a digital experience!

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