Road Trip Stereotypes

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Road trips are fun. Traveling with your buddies singing songs, cracking jokes, discussing (or bitching) about things make up for a good time. Now there are times when ‘that guy’ goes the extra mile and spoils the fun for others. Here are a few Road trip stereotypes that you and I have traveled along with on our road trips.

The ‘Mad Screamer’:

This lot is all fun to be around in college or otherwise. But you don’t want to be anywhere around them when their favorite song plays on the playlist for your road trip. When the system plays Metallica, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and the like, no matter how calm they usually are, they are going to lose their mind and scream their lungs out to the song. You better carry a pair of ear buds when travelling with this ‘mad-screamer’ breed. Or join along maybe?


The ‘Shy’ Friend:

“I won’t budge” is the ultimate motto of this ‘silently observing’ lot. They hate to participate in the activities that happen on the backseat of the car. It doesn’t matter if your persuasion skills got you the sales job you always wanted, you can’t convince them to sing or do anything crazy. Save your energy, pass them a coke and get back to doing whatever you were doing.

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The ‘Annoying Too Many Questions’ Friend:  

Always inquisitive about what’s happening around, this lot has an unquenchable thirst for questions. Be prepared to get bombed by questions like “how far do we have to go”, “are we there yet”, “where are we now”, “are we there yet”…… you know how it goes. May we suggest a duct tape? 

The ‘Phone Addict’:

The ones who miss all the fun unintentionally and intentionally at the same time. Glued to their smartphones, they are the ones who want to be a part of the activities but can’t put their phones down either. So when you crack a joke and everyone throws a laugh, they will go ‘kya hua kya hua mujhe bhi btao’. Ask zuckerberg now. -_-


The ‘Grumpy Driver’:

So the trip is going great for the party on the backseat, you can tell that from the loud laughter that can be heard from miles away. But the weather is no good on the front seat where our driver is all grumpy and is probably swearing at the next car that just overtook his/her. This lot carries this usual intense look for having missed out on all the fun in the journey and envies the back seat drivers. Somewhere they are wishing for an early arrival of the ‘self-driven’ automated cars. Google shall answer their prayers. Soon buddy!

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giphyThe ‘Excessive Planner’:

Some plans are good, some are great, and then some are made unnecessarily ambitious. Thanks to our excessive planner, who takes over the existing plans and comes up with something that the group will probably dismiss for being too ambitious.

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The ‘No-Show’ Friend:

Part of every discussion, this guy comes up with plenty options saying ‘Yahan chalenge, vahan chalenge’ but goes missing at the last moment abandoning the group. Alien abductions are becoming frequent, aren’t they?

 Tell us who you identify with and tag your stereotype road trip buddy in the comments below.

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