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Road Safety Week: Drive #WithExtraCare

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With 4.67 lakh road accidents and 1.50 lakh road accident deaths every year in India, road safety is becoming a major concern for motorists and the government. In an effort to raise awareness around road safety, 11-17 January has been marked as National Road Safety Week.

While the awareness drive will end in a week, there are many precautions that you should observe to drive safely and with extra care throughout the year.

Drive Fresh

Driving is a physically and mentally demanding task where your attention and reactions have to be prepared for any eventuality on the road. While it is known that you should take a good night’s rest before a long road trip, the same is true for your daily runs. Getting plenty of rest in your routine will help you not drive tired and prevent you becoming the victim of a road accident.

Ensure you’re Insured

Your car insurance is an essential document that you should have in your car or on your person every time you drive. In the event of an accident, the insurance will protect you and your car from crippling financial liabilities. Remember to renew your car insurance in a timely manner to get the most benefit from your insurance. Driving without your car insurance is inviting unwanted financial burdens on yourself

Keep it Low

Driving at night is perilous as you are on constant lookout for upcoming hazards in the dark. If you drive your car with high beams on at all times, you are endangering yourself and oncoming drivers. Use high beams only when necessary and switch to standard beams if you notice oncoming traffic. This prevents the other driver being blinded by your light and causing an accident. 

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Careful on the Curves

We love driving on mountain roads. There is no experience like cruising past magnificent scenery while having an engaging driving experience. However, it is important to temper your excitement as you negotiate the corners as careless driving could prove fatal. Maintain a steady speed and take care through the bends.

Buckle Up

Sometimes the smallest actions can save your life on the road. Fastening your seatbelt before heading out on your drive is an essential safety precaution to protect yourself on the road. Additionally, it is also advised for the rear passengers to fasten their seatbelts as well, especially on highway drives where high speed collisions affect all passengers in the car.

Don’t Get Distracted

We are surrounded by distractions. From countless notifications on your phone to the eye-catching object on the road, there are plenty of ways to take your eyes off the road. Save yourself from an unwanted accident by putting your phone on Do Not Disturb mode and keep your eyes on the road and other cars.

Slow when Wet

Hearing the rain patter on the windshield while driving in the rain is close to therapeutic. Don’t get carried away in the therapy, though, as you need to be completely focused on the road, your speed, and water hazards. Drive at or below the speed limit when it rains to give you time to react to waterlogged roads or sudden loss of control. Your attention and precaution will help you make the most of those rainy day drives.

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Don’t Drink & Drive

If you’re heading out for a night out of drinking with friends, make sure you do so responsibly. Choose a designated driver or volunteer yourself if you plan on driving after the party. A better alternative would be to leave the car keys at home and opt for a cab instead. You get to enjoy your night and you don’t endanger yourself or others by driving intoxicated.

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