Comparison: Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite

Kiger Magnite comparison
By - Yaajyaansh Bhardwaj
August 18, 2023

The compact SUV segment is one of the most in-demand car segments in India, with many of the best-selling cars in India being compact SUVs. Value is a major factor in this segment, and the Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite are two compact SUVs that aim to capture the market based on their value-for-money package. While they undercut most of their rivals, these two cars directly compete against each other. This makes a Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite comparison necessary to highlight which car is the better buy.

Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite: Dimensions

Spinny Assured Renault Kiger front
Renault KigerNissan Magnite
Length3991 mm3994 mm
Width1750 mm1758 mm
Height1605 mm1572 mm
Wheelbase2500 mm2500 mm
Boot Space405 liters336 liters
Ground Clearance205 mm205 mm

Since both the Kiger and the Magnite share the same chassis, there isn’t a drastic difference when it comes to overall dimensions. Interestingly enough, the Magnite is marginally larger than the Kiger in almost every dimension and is 4 kg heavier as well. While most of the differences are marginal, it is significantly taller by about 33 mm. They both share a 2,500mm wheelbase and 205mm of ground clearance.

The Renault Kiger offers significantly more boot space with 405 liters in comparison to the Magnite’s 336 liters. However, with the rear seats folded, the Magnite does provide an ample 690 liters of boot volume, while the Kiger has 879 litres.

The Nissan Magnite, with its more upright conventional design, is more SUV-like. Its snazzy styling, distinctive front end design, smarter alloys, neatly paired with clean, flowing lines is likely to have a better appeal. In terms of dimensions, it looks visually bigger than its Renault sibling, while the Kiger looks wider.

Renault Kiger v Nissan Magnite: Engine and Transmission

Renault Kiger engine
Renault KigerNissan Magnite
Engine Options1.0-litre Naturally Aspirated 1.0-litre Turbo1.0-litre Naturally Aspirated/ 1.0-litre Turbo
Transmission Options5-speed/5-speed AMT/ 5-speed CVT5-speed/5-speed CVT
Power72 PS (NA) 100 PS (Turbo Petrol)72 PS (NA) 100 PS (Turbo Petrol)
Torque96 Nm (NA MT) 160 Nm (Turbo MT) 152 Nm (Turbo CVT)96 Nm (NA MT) 160 Nm (Turbo MT) 152 Nm (Turbo CVT)
Mileage19.42 kmpl (Manual) 17.7 kmpl (CVT)19.42 kmpl (Manual) 17.7 kmpl (CVT)

Under the hood, both these cars are powered by a 72 PS, 1.0-litre petrol engine which is co-developed by Renault and Nissan. They are pretty similar in most departments, with both offering both manual and automatic transmission options. 

The 1 litre engine performs similarly in both cars, but it feels more refined in the Magnite. In the Kiger, the three cylinder unit has a slightly gruffled idle, with mild vibrations felt all over the cabin. These smoothen out on the move, but if overall sound insulation is a priority, the Magnite scores better. The Kiger fares very well when it comes to ride and handling balance. It is well-mannered at high speeds and is fun to drive on highways. The steering is nice and precise, plus the drive modes make it peppier to drive in the city, especially the turbo. 

The CVT and manual options are the best in both cars, hoever the Kiger also gets an AMT option on selected mid trims. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have the usual jerkiness of an AMT, and is quite smooth. 

Talking about the 1-litre turbo petrol, both cars offer punchy performance, with equally good mileage figures. In terms of overall ride and performance, both seem to be equally good, with almost zero differences.

Renault Kiger v Nissan Magnite: Features and Comfort

Spinny Assured Nissan Magnite interior
Renault KigerNissan Magnite
Infotainment SystemYesYes
Music SystemYesYes
Automatic Climate ControlYesYes
Ventilated SeatsNoNo
Adjustable SteeringYesYes
Drive ModesYesNo
Instrument Cluster7-inch digital 7-inch digital 
Adjustable SeatsYesYes
Rear AC ventsYesYes
60:40 rear seat splitYesYes
Cruise controlYesYes

An important aspect car buyers expect in this segment is the feature list. Both these SUVs do not really disappoint and they meet the customer’s needs and demands. They get a standard kit which includes an infotainment system, instrument cluster, adjustable steering, wireless charger and so on. In this particular battle, the Renault Kiger impresses by providing a better package overall. They offer driving modes, rear AC vents and even cruise control which the Magnite loses out on. Both these cars miss out on a sunroof though.

The Kiger gets some additional features such as premium seat upholstery, satin silver roof rails and so on. The Magnite impresses by providing hill hold assist, vehicle dynamic control, premium silver door handles and a lot more, which isn’t available in Kiger. In comparison, both these cars perform reasonably well in terms of feature packages and ticks a lot of boxes for the price. However, the Kiger has an incredible package for the price and beats the Magnite comfortably in terms of features and comfort.

Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite: Safety Features 

Renault KigerNissan Magnite
GNCAP Safety Rating4 star4 star
AirbagsDriver and PassengerDriver and Passenger
ABS with EBDYesYes
Traction ControlYesYes
Automatic HeadlampsNoNo
Rain-sensing wipersNoNo
Hill hold assistYesYes
Hill descent controlNoNo
Rear sensorsYesYes
Rear parking cameraYesYes
ISOFIX child seatsYesYes

Both these cars come packed with safety features which are impressive for a vehicle in its price range. The Kiger and the Magnite both score a strong 4-star GNCAP safety rating thus ensuring good safety for its passengers. They both come with driver plus passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, traction control, rear sensors, parking camera, ISOFIX child seats and a whole lot more. In terms of choosing between the Kiger and the Magnite in terms of safety, there is barely much to differentiate these two cars and they both offer a similarly good package.

Renault Kiger v Nissan Magnite: Price Comparison

Renault KigerNissan Magnite
Base VariantsRs. 6.50 lakhRs. 6.00 lakh
Mid VariantsRs. 8.25 lakhRs. 7.81 lakh
Upper Mid VariantsRs. 10.00 lakhRs. 9.92 lakh
Top VariantRs. 11.23 lakhRs. 11.02 lakh

Now, we put the compact SUVs against each other and see which offers the better value. The Kiger starts at a considerably higher price point than the Magnite. It does offer a more premium package in terms of features and riding experience so it is understandably priced higher than its Nissan sibling. The base model of the Kiger starts at Rs. 6.50 lakh and goes up all the way to Rs. 11.23 lakh. The Magnite on the other hand, starts at just Rs. 6.00 lakh and goes up till Rs. 11.02 lakh. 

Both these cars are priced aggressively and it all boils down to the user and their personal preferences. As both cars share powertrains and feature lists, the final decision will come down to which car is more appealing in terms of exterior design.


This hotly contested battle between these two brilliant compact SUVs comes to a conclusion. They are very affordable, frugal, spacious and comfy, fun to drive and most of all, they offer incredible value in today’s Indian market. Looking back at the results, the Kiger seems to outmuscle the Nissan in pretty much most departments but is still a tough choice to make.

The Nissan Magnite is of greater value as it is considerably lower priced than its Renault kin. It is definitely the better value for money option, and is a great all-rounder. If you are willing to spend the extra bucks, the Kiger makes an incredible proposition. It rides well both in the city and highways, is feature heavy and feels way more premium than the Nissan. For that reason alone, the Renault Kiger beats the Magnite and is the winner of the compact SUV battle.

FAQ – Renault Kiger vs Nissan Magnite

Which car delivers a better riding experience?

The Kiger offers great ride and handling, is fun to drive and is reliable on both city and highway roads. The steering is light, yet responsive and is a comfortable cabin to be in. So, the Kiger edges out the Magnite in terms of ride quality. 

Which car comes with a better feature package?

The Kiger offers top end features such as cruise control, rear AC vents and drive modes. Although being priced higher, it offers a much better package than the Magnite.

Which car is cheaper between the Kiger and the Magnite?

The Magnite is cheaper as it starts at a base price of just Rs. 6.00 lakh whereas the Kiger is priced at Rs. 6.50 lakh.

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