RC Transfer: How to transfer vehicle ownership in Chennai

By - Sukanya Bose
July 26, 2022

Chennai is the largest economic hub in South India and is dubbed as the “Detroit of India” due to several car manufacturers being based in the city. In addition to a strong demand for new cars, the used car market in Chennai is also well-established, with many people opting for pre-owned cars for their affordability. When buying a used car, it is important to check the condition of the car as well as transfer the Registration Certificate (RC) of the car in your name to ensure proper transfer of ownership. This guide provides all the details you need to complete RC transfer of your car in Chennai.

List of RTOs in Chennai

TN CodeRTO OfficeAddress
TN01RTO Chennai (Central)4, Anderson Road, Ayanavaram, Near MTC Depot, Chennai – 600023
TN02RTO Chennai (North-West)P.NO. 3623, G-17, New Avadi Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 102
TN03RTO Chennai (North East)No 145, Balakrishna Street, Tondiarpet, Chennai – 600081
TN04RTO Chennai (East)Power Mills Road, Puliyanthoppu, Chennai – 600012
TN05Regional Transport Office, Chennai (North)No.9, Inner Ring Road, Sastri Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600028
TN06RTO Chennai (South-East)No. 42 V.C.Garden, 2nd Street, Mandaveli Chennai – 600028
TN07RTO Chennai (South)No.39, East Coast Road, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041
TN09RTO Chennai WestNo. 1 Bharathidasan Colony, K.K.Nagar, Chennai – 600078.
TN10RTO Chennai (South- West)No 47 & 49 Kaliamman Koil street, Sai Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600092
TN12RTO ParuthipattuNear Archana Mahal, Ayyankulam, Avadi Taluk, Poonamallee, Chennai – 600071
TN13RTO AmbatturNo 10A West Park Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Chennai – 600053
TN014RTO, SHOLINGANALLURNo. 275, Old Mahabalipuram Road, (Survey No. 494/2A 2), Sholinganallur, Chennai – 600119

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership in Chennai

Step 1 – Procurement of No Objection Certificate (NOC) From The Traffic Department: (Required if seller and buyer of used car reside in different RTO area)

If the transferee has bought a used vehicle that  is not registered in Tamil Nadu, then in that case, one has to de-register the vehicle at the original RTO by following the below mentioned steps –

  1. Get a NOC by submitting Form 28 duly filled at the original RTO.
  1. But if the vehicle was purchased from outside and was not registered in Chennai, then one has to submit Form 29 along with the following documents for the NOC from the local RTO –
  • NOC from the bank if the car was under hypothecation
  • Attested Registration Certificate copy
  • Proof to support for payment of road tax, applicable for commercial vehicles
  • Valid Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Valid Car Insurance policy
  • NOC from the Traffic Police
  • Clearance from the NCRB

Step 2 – Visit RTO With Relevant Documents

After  receiving the NOC from the previous RTO, the new buyer can begin the process of registration by procuring the following documents – 

  • Form 28
  • Registration Certificate (attested copy)
  • Payment of road tax receipt or proof (applicable for commercial vehicles)
  • Valid insurance policy paper
  • Valid Pollution Under Control certificate
  • NOC from the Traffic Police
  • Clearance from the NCRB
  • NOC from the bank if the vehicle was under hypothecation

Step 3- Submission Of The Documents

Next one has to submit the above documents that are relevant and mentioned with the applicable fee. Once the NOC is received from the previous RTO then the transferee can start the process of re-registration. 

Step 4 – Vehicle Re-Registration After Interstate Transfer: (Required if the vehicle is from different state)

If the vehicle was bought from a different state, then the vehicle has to be re-registered. The documents required for re-registration are 

  • NOC from the previous RTO
  • Attested copy of the address proof 
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Form 20
  • Passport size photograph of the transferee
  • Form 33
  • Pan card copy with Form 60 or Form 61 whichever applicable
  • NOC from the bank if and where the vehicle was under loan
  • Attested copy of the valid driving license of the new buyer
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Form 27

Step 5 – Payment Of Road Tax

If the vehicle whose ownership has to be transferred was not originally registered in Chennai, then the new buyer will have to pay the applicable road tax on the vehicle. For the road tax certain documents have to be submitted, such as –

  • Copy of the new registration certificate
  • Address proof of the transferee
  • Application for road tax refund
  • Updated and signed Form 16
  • Insurance policy with new registration number
  • Copy of the old registration certificate
  • Proof of ID of the new buyer

The new owner of the used vehicle/ car can claim for the road tax refund from the other State’s RTO. 

Documents Required for the Transfer of the Vehicle Ownership in Chennai

  • Form 29
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Copy of valid Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Copy of address proof
  • Copy of valid insurance

Vehicle Ownership Transfer online in Chennai

If one wants to transfer the registration procedure online, then visit the parivahan website and arrange the below mentioned documents for the transfer of ownership. 

Required Document and Fees

  • NOC 
  • Form-29 and Form-30 along with a print of chassis number with pencil for normal change of ownership.
  • Change of ownership through inheritance: Form 31 and if there is a change of ownership due to public auction, application in Form 32 should be submitted.
  • Other documents required are the original R.C. Book, Insurance Certificate, P.U.C. Certificate, proof of identity and address.
  • A fee of Rs.150/- in case of two wheelers and Rs.300/- in case of motor car is required to be paid.

Process for Vehicle Ownership Transfer online in Chennai

  • For the online procedure of vehicle ownership transfer in Chennai are firstly to procure a NOC and then visit the parivahan website
  • Select ‘Vehicle Related Services’ from the menu
  • Click on ‘RTO of vehicle registration’ and ‘Proceed’
  • Select ‘Online Services’ for Transfer of ownership
  • Enter the vehicle details – Vehicle Registration no and Chassis number and click on Verify details
  • Once the details of the vehicle are displayed on the page, fill the online form with the necessary details 
  • Then click on ‘Transfer of ownership details’
  • Enter the details of the new owner and scroll down
  • The fees of the transfer will displayed down further, enter the payment option and pay the applicable fee
  • Submit the application form by confirming on the confirmation box that will be shown on the webpage. 
  • Once the application is submitted, the reference receipt will be generated

FAQs about transfer of vehicle ownership in Chennai

What is the procedure to change ownership of a vehicle in Chennai?

The procedure for change in ownership of  a vehicle in Chennai are as follows –

  • Submit Form 29 and Form 30, duly signed by the transferor and the transferee
  • With supported documents such as Registration certificate, insurance paper, pollution under control certificate, address proof and NOC
  • Deposit the forms and the documents along with the applicable fees at the RTO 
  • The entire process might take around two weeks.
  • Once the papers are verified, the Registration Certificate can be collected from the respective RTO. 

What are the fees of RC transfer in Chennai?

The RC transfer fees depends on the type of vehicle and may range between Rs 300 to Rs 1500.

What documents are required to change ownership of a vehicle?

The documents that are required for the RC transfer are –

  • Original RC
  • Duly filled Form no.29
  • Duly filled Form no.30
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of address proof
  • Crime  Report of N.C.R.B.

To transfer ownership of a car in Chennai which is originally registered in Coimbatore, NOC from Coimbatore RTO is required in the name of buyer?

Yes, to transfer ownership of a car in Chennai  which is originally registered in Coimbatore, a NOC from Coimbatore RTO is required in the name of buyer .


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