Precautions when Buying Used Car after Lockdown Ends

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Ever since the coronavirus has made its way into human life, it has deeply affected almost all spheres of life. Taking away the lives of over 21 lakh people as of April 2020, the Coronavirus has unleashed mayhem in over 210 countries worldwide. And with the World Health Organization declaring the novel Coronavirus a pandemic, governments around the globe have halted their industrial, commercial and domestic spheres in order to “break the chain”.

And with our government taking all the necessary steps, all we can do is hope for the best. Once the situation gets under control, India would do its best to move towards a stronger and better economy, while individuals would work towards stabilizing their financial positions. But to avoid the chances of a virus-relapse it would be best to avoid public transport for quite some time after the lockdown. Thus, buying a pre-owned vehicle post the COVID-19 scare can be the best option to commute around the city. But to help you make a safe purchase, we have compiled a list of 5 precautions you must keep in mind while buying a pre-owned vehicle post the nationwide lockdown.

1. Carefully pick your dealer/sellers location

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many states in India have demarcated Corona hotspots in order to seal them and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Therefore it is import to pay extra attention while choosing your pre-owned car dealer/ seller even after the lockdown gets over. Avoid visiting dealers/sellers whose place of operation or residence is situated in an area marked as a “Corona Red Zone”. Doing so will expose you to the risk of catching the virus as the “Corona Red Zone” might take a few extra weeks to be completely virus free. Make sure to enquire into the seller/dealers place of operation/residence and visit to inspect the car only when you are a hundred per cent sure of its authenticity.

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2. Avoid taking busy public transport

Crowded places and public transport is the last thing you would want to indulge in when the lockdown ends. It is clear that the coronavirus spreads from the human transmission, and the best place for that is a busy and crowded place. Therefore, make sure that when you visit your preferred car dealer/seller, you avoid taking busy and crowded public transport like buses and metro. Alternatively, you can use an auto or a cab for commuting. The changes of catching a virus/flu are less in an auto/cab when compared to heavily crowded transport like metro and buses.

3. Get a brief vehicle history before purchasing

Coronavirus or not, seeking the vehicle history of your potential purchase is always a great idea. A car’s service history tells you a lot about a car’s health. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it is possible that the car you like was just parked under the sun for months, owing to the nationwide lockdown. Therefore whenever buying a pre-owned vehicle, make sure that your dealer/seller provides you with a vehicle’s complete service history. By doing this you can inspect when and where the car of your choice was previously serviced and the details of any repairs or services done. Another way most dealers can scam you is by tampering with the odometer of a vehicle and reducing the kilometres covered. By asking for the complete service history you can relate the vehicle’s condition with its odometer reading and be assured of a fair and transparent purchase.

4. Make sure to carry your safety gear when going for an inspection/test drive

One thing the whole nation has learned during these tough times is the importance of sanitization, cleanliness and safety gears. Even when the lockdown ends, it is highly important for all of us to give utmost priority to our health and sanitization. Thus, whenever you visit a dealer/seller to inspect your potential purchase, make sure to carry your gloves, masks and sanitizers along. Thoroughly apply your preferred sanitizer before leaving your home. Once you reach your car dealership/seller’s residence, re-apply the sanitizer and put on your protective gloves and masks. Avoid handshakes, and inspect the vehicle carefully. Post inspections discard your gloves and put on a new pair. By following a proper sanitization procedure, you can be assured of a safe and secure purchase.

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5. Make sure the current owner has disinfected the car

Credits to the Coronavirus pandemic, car disinfection are now a widespread phenomenon. Just the way you make sure to keep yourself well sanitized and clean. Make sure to keep your car sanitized and clean. The best way to do that is to take your car to the nearest disinfection service provider and get it disinfected and sanitized. A thorough disinfection service will not only make your car look new and shiny, but it will also do away with bacteria and fine particles that accumulate in places that are impossible to reach by bare hands. Alternatively, before purchasing the vehicle you like, you can ask your dealer/seller to get the vehicle disinfected prior to delivery. Once delivered you can go ahead and undertake another disinfection process, just to be double satisfied.

6. Invest in a good and easy-to-carry sanitizer spray

How to Sanitise your Car against Coronavirus for a Safe Drive

Disinfecting your car through disinfection services may seem a simple and intelligent decision when taking your car’s delivery. But doing it frequently is not a practical idea. Therefore, once you have purchased your desired vehicle, make sure you invest in a good and easy-to-carry sanitizer spray. Before entering your car, give a quick spray on the door handle. After entering your car, make sure to spray a bit of sanitizer on the gear lever, steering wheel and the dashboard to quickly disinfect the parts you are likely to touch the most. This way you can be assured of a safer ride. Additionally, you can also wear your protective gear while inside the car for an added protection.

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So these were the quick pointers that you must keep in mind while purchasing a pre-owned vehicle post the lockdown. For complete peace of mind and safety, Spinny is offering a contactless car buying experience. Every car is available for home test drives and home deliveries while at the same time being sanitised regularly according to WHO guidelines to ensure your safety.

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