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How to Pay E-Challan in Delhi: Check Status & Pay Challan Fees Online

Delhi, the ‘Capital of India,’ is home to millions and is known for its robust connectivity and transport systems. But with good transport facilities comes the responsibility of road safety and awareness. According to media reports, there were 1.98 crore traffic challans issued in 2021 across India. Delhi alone accounted for more than 35% of all traffic tickets. With the 2019 Motor Vehicle Act, the Government of India aimed to impose strict rules and regulations to curb traffic violations and penalise violators. In this regard, the e-challan system introduced in India has proven effective as it provides a transparent method of collecting and paying the challan fine. 

The traffic e-challan payment in Delhi is a simple and hassle-free affair. From the Parivahan website and Delhi Traffic Police website, citizens can check their challan status in Delhi and pay e-challan online. 

One should visit the suggested websites and provide the necessary details to check the e-challan status and pay challan fees. Read further to find out the different ways of paying traffic challan and checking challan status in Delhi online. 

How to Pay Delhi Traffic E-Challan Online

 On Traffic Police Website

e-challan in Delhi
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Pending Challan/Notice tab’
  • Step 3: Select ‘Pending Notices from the dropdown menu
  • Step 4: Will be directed to a new page. Enter the ‘Notice Number’ or ‘Vehicle Number’
e-challan payment
  • Step 5: Click on ‘Search Details’
  • Step 6: Once the details are displayed, check the details of the Challan 
  • Step 7: Proceed to the payment page
  • Step 8: Complete the transaction through any of the available payment modes

 On Parivahan Website

Follow the steps to pay online traffic fines on the e-challan website or parivahan website

  • Step 1: Go to the Parivahan website or e-Challan website page 
E-challan in Delhi
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ from the drop-down
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Check Delhi Traffic Challan’ option
  • Step 4: Enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’
  • Step 5: Enter the ‘Challan Number’ or ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘Driver License Number’
  • Step 6: Enter the ‘Captcha’ shown and click on ‘Get Details’
  • Step 7: Once the details are shared, check the status and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button
  • Step 8: Select the mode of payment and pay the penalty amount
  • Step 9: Once the payment is done, the user will receive a transaction ID via SMS

    On Delhi Police Traffic App, ‘Tatpar’

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play store and download the app ‘Tatpar‘ App by Delhi 
e-challan in Delhi
  • Step 2: Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP sent to your registered number
  • Step 3: On the homepage of the ‘Tatpar’ app, select the ‘Traffic Notice Payment’ option
  • Step 4: Select ‘E-Challan’ once directed to a new page
  • Step 5: Enter the ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘Notice Number’
  • Step 6: Detail of the traffic challan issued against your vehicle will be displayed 
  • Step 7: Select the mode of payment and proceed to pay the traffic fine 


How to Check Traffic Fine and e-Challan Status Online

Check traffic challan status online in Delhi from the Parivahan website. 

 E-Challan in Delhi
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Check Challan Status’
  • Step 3: Enter the ‘Challan Number’ or ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘DL Number’
  • Step 4: Enter the ‘Captcha’ Code as displayed
  • Step 5: Click on ‘Get Details’
  • Step 6: A new page will be open showing the information

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Fees

Traffic Offence Penalty Amount
Driving without a Valid License Rs. 5000
Driving an Unregistered Vehicle First Time: Rs. 5000
Second Time:  Rs. 10000
Driving a vehicle without a Permit Rs. 10000 and/or 6 months imprisonment
Driving a vehicle without Insurance Rs. 2000 and/or 3 months imprisonment
Underage driving Rs. 25000 and 3 year imprisonment
Driving under the Influence of an Intoxicating Substance Rs. 10000 and/or 6 months imprisonment
Over Speeding while driving Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2000 (LMV)
Rs. 2000 – Rs. 4000 (MOV/HPV)
Driving without a Seat Belt Rs. 1000 and or community service
Racing and Speeding while Driving First Time: Rs.5000 and/or 3 months imprisonment
Second Time: Rs. 10000 
Dangerous Driving and Jumping Red Light Rs. 1000 – Rs. 5000
Violations of Road Regulations Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000
Driving while using Mobile Phone Rs. 5000
Driving while being Disqualified Rs. 10000 and/or community service
Not giving way to Emergency Vehicles Rs. 10000 and/or community service
Riding without Helmet Rs. 1000 and/or license disqualification
Two-Wheeler Overloading Rs. 2000 and license disqualification
Over Boarding Passengers Rs. 200 per passenger
Driving or Riding without Ticket Rs. 500
Offering Bribes to Enforcing Authorities Double the penalty amount
Unauthorised use of Vehicles without a Valid Driving Licence Rs. 1000 – Rs 5000
Refusing to Provide Information to Traffic Authority or Disobeying Orders from Authorities Rs. 2000


The electronically generated e-challan system introduced to curb traffic violations and issue stringent laws on traffic offenders has been quite transparent and helpful. The choice to pay e-challan online has given the commoners a time-saving option. One can pay the traffic e-challan within a few clicks on the computer or the mobile phone. It has made the surveillance and collection of traffic challan fine less complicated. 

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How can I check my e-challan in Delhi?

Check e-challan in Delhi by visiting the Parivahan website. Click on ‘Check Challan Status’ and then enter the ‘Challan Number’ or ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘DL Number’. Once entered, then enter the ‘Captcha’ Code as displayed and click on ‘Get Details’. A new page will be shown with the details.

How can I pay my traffic challan online in Delhi?

Traffic challan can be paid in Delhi through online mode via the Parivahan website or the Delhi traffic police website. Visit any of the above mentioned websites and give the necessary details to pay the traffic e-challan fine online. 

What will happen if I do not pay the amount of my e-challan in Delhi?

If you fail to pay the traffic challan fees in Delhi, a Traffic Police Officer will visit your home to collect the fine. If the e-challan amount is still not collected, then the court summons will be sent to the traffic offender. In case, the violator fails to appear before the judiciary, his/her license will be suspended.

Who has been authorised to collect traffic fines in Delhi?

A Traffic Police Officer on duty is authorised to collect the traffic challan fine from the violator.

Is there a deadline to pay Delhi traffic e challans?

A maximum time period of 60 days is provided to the traffic offender to pay e-challan either through online or offline mode. 

Can I be fined for the same traffic violation in Delhi?

Yes, one can be fined for the second time and an e-challan will be issued in the offender’s name  if the same traffic violation is committed in Delhi. 

Who is authorised to issue Delhi traffic challan?

The Delhi Traffic Police Officer has the authority to issue a traffic challan in Delhi if traffic rules are violated. 

Where is the Delhi traffic challan app available?

The Delhi Traffic Police app ‘Tatpar’ is available on the Google Play Store. 

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