Now Manoeuvre Your Car From Your Smartphone

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To cater to the needs of the growing tech savvy generation, modern cars are getting spruced up with some potent technological upgrades that are going to alter the way cars are driven and the entire experience around it.
While some people in our Incredible India have been struggling with their ‘non-power steering’ car models, Land Rover has been showcasing some of the next-gen autonomous driving technology that it plans to bring to its future models.

What’s this next-gen autonomous driving technology you ask? A remote controlled Range Rover. 
The newly launched BMW 7 series has been labelled as the first car that can be parked via remote control. Brilliant eh? Land Rover takes this remote controlled idea further by giving drivers control of their Land Rover from their smartphones.

 How does it work?
As long as the owner is within 3 meters of their Range Rover Sport, the car can be remotely manoeuvered around the tightest of car parks or over the most challenging of off-road terrains at low speeds.
The supporting smartphone app gives the owner full remote control of the steering, accelerator and brakes and, because the driver is standing outside, he or she can navigate around any obstacle they come across – be it ditches, rocks or a poorly-parked car. But is that all?
Behold the “Multi-Point Turn System”. The video details a system for autonomously turning a Range Rover through 180 degrees so that it points in the opposite direction while avoiding obstacles and other road users. The system takes over gear-selection, steering, braking and acceleration to make as many forward and backward movements as necessary to achieve this manoeuvre.

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Now that is ‘taking it to the next-level’- the power to manoeuver at the touch of your fingertips.

All this tech is giving me Futuristicasms.

I am a bit curious, though, about what happens if someone loses his/her smartphone and somebody else gets their hand on it, will they be able to manoeuvre the car out of the parking lot while the owner sleeps?

What’s your take on this autonomous-drive technology? Would you like to manoeuvre your car from your smartphone? Also tell us what else would you like to have your smartphones do in the future. Comment below.

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