New Motor Vehicle Rules: Physical Driving Licence, RC not required to drive

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Quick Take:

  • Physical documents not required if digital version of driving licence, vehicle RC stored in government-mandated apps
  • Government-mandated apps include Digi-Locker & m-Parivahan
  • All records, including e-challans, to be maintained online

As India moves towards further digitisation in all aspects of official documentation, the Central Government has established new Motor Vehicle rules. From October 1, 2020 onwards, maintenance of vehicular documents, driving licences, and e-challans will be done through an information technology portal.

What the new rules mean

According to the notification by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), vehicular documents validated electronically will not be demanded in physical forms for inspection. Additionally, any driving licence disqualifications or licence cancellation by the licensing authority will be maintained in the portal.

The amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act will now make it easier for commuters to carry all their documents while preserving the physical documents in a safe location. Drivers can now store their driving licence, vehicle’s registration certificate (RC), vehicle insurance, and other documents in government-mandated apps like Digi-Locker and m-Parivahan.

Keep the digital copies ready

In the event of being inspected by traffic authorities, you can now present the digitally stored documents for verification. However, if the documents are not present digitally, you will have to provide the physical documents for verification.

The digitalisation of these important documents will greatly help vehicle owners to preserve their documents in case of theft or vehicular damage. The new rules will also allow for more transparent maintenance of records with regard to challans incurred and paid as well as the issuing traffic personnel.

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