All You Need To Know About The Chinese ‘Tesla-Killer’ – The LeSee

Chinese tech giant LeEco, which has built quite a reputation for itself in the web streaming, smart phones & smart TV industry is now making inroads into the electric automotive industry as well with its partnership with James Bond’s favorite luxury sports car maker Aston Martin and heavy investment into the Chinese electric car startup Faraday Future.

LeEco’s Ventures Into the Automobile Market

Aston Martin has partnered up with LeEco to produce a range of electric driven luxury sport cars.


LeEco & Aston Martin have been working together in a partnership, the result of which was unveiled in January with the Aston Martine Rapide S which boasted of the latest LeTV’s ‘Internet of the Vehicle’ system which attempted to digitize the console. The two comapnies will release the new Rapide E which is expected to have a completely electric drive train. So gear up fellas for the ultimate  the ultimate fusion of luxury, speed and technology, all in an eco-friendly electric powered package.

LeEco has strongly backed the Chinese electric car startup Faraday Future, and has just released its very own autonomous electric car – the LeSee. The See in the automobile’s name is an acronym which stands for the weighty ‘Super Electric Ecosystem’.

Features of LeSee

LeSee – The Sparkling White ‘Tesla-Killer’


The sparkling white sporty look of this car will undoubtedly go a long way in appealing to the customers. The fact that the car comes with just the right amount of curves at the right places only goes on to accentuate its aesthetic appeal.  

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The Foldable Steering Wheel seems to be right out of a science fiction movie


The electric powered sedan has voice activation and memory foam rear seats, which means that for utmost comfort, the seat will conform to the shape of the passenger. The autonomous self driving mode of the vehicle when activated, pulls in the fold-able steering wheel into the dashboard. Seems right out of a science fiction movie right?

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The Conventional Front Doors & the Rear-Hinged ‘Suicide Doors’


The car is equipped with the standard conventional front doors hinged at the front whereas the rear doors are ‘suicide doors’- doors which are hinged at the back.

The backseat passengers can also enjoy their own TV monitors.
Touch Screen TV Monitors are equipped with LeEco’s Entertainment Systems


The company claims a top speed of 130 mph or 210 kmph. The front fascia of the car is a smart screen which depicts the car’s performance and other parameters. With touchscreens behind the front screens that provide LeEco’s own compelling entertainment system for the rear seat passengers, this car may well revolutionize the way people travel.

The screen is also linked to a pair of C-shaped headlights, but the concept suggests this vehicle doesn't have the traditional front grill. The arrangement of the headlights is mirrored at the back by the tailights and there also seems to be a central diffuser. The official video shows that the car does have traditional front doors, but its rears are 'suicide doors', which have hinges on the back
This Stunning White Beauty boasts of Attractive C-Shaped Headlights


With cameras replacing conventional mirrors, the LeSee has C-shaped headlights as well as taillights and bids adieu to the typical front grill.

The Roof of the Car along with the Front & Rear Windscreen looks like a Singe Unit


Don’t be surprised if you feel that the front and rear windscreen seems like a single unit with the roof, which seems to have been furbished entirely out of glass.

CEO Jia Yueting displayed the car’s impressive self-driving & self-parking features using voice commands via a mobile app. The proud CEO added that the car will also have come with face-recognition and self learning, though didn’t show these features.

Hopes for the Future

The company is gearing up this electric powered beauty to give cut-throat competition to Tesla Motors Model S. It claims that LeSee will outshine its Tesla counterpart in all areas of performance.

LeEco is looking to expand it’s business across multiple platforms and has invested in the car-hailing business as well with the intention of forming a fleet of self driven taxi’s. The front lights of the car through a multitude of colors will indicate its availability.

LeEco CEO Jia Yueting (pictured) revealed this innovation in Beijing today by commanding the car to drive out of a container, but with voice commands via a mobile app. 'When everyone is questioning us over our ability to develop a car like this and is laughing at us, we are still able to be here and show you this car...I am so emotional,' Jia said at a LeEco launch event for several products in Beijing
LeEco CEO Jia Yueting Unveils the LeSee


The CEO admitted that they aim to provide the car free of cost to customers sometime in the future, with the company intending to make money out of content and other services it will offer through its squadron of affiliated automobiles.

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