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What is MG i-Smart?

In its endeavour of being a tech-focused car brand,  MG Motors was one of the firsts to bring connected car technology to India. Monikered as ‘MG i-Smart’, these connected car features dramatically raise the convenience, luxury, and safety of MG cars. Ever since its introduction, the MG i-Smart has featured on all their cars and has been enormously praised by its users for the elevated luxury and safety, and enhanced driving experience. Here is a detailed walkthrough of the MG i-Smart connected car tech and how they improve your driving experience. 

The MG i-Smart comprises multiple internet-based features that make your MG car experience smoother and smarter. We can segment the i-Smart into several categories.Mg i-Smart

Voice Assist

The artificial intelligence-based voice assist is the most promising of the i-Smart connected car features. The voice assist has been developed to understand Indian English accents and it deepens its understanding over time with the help of machine learning. You can activate the voice assist by saying ‘Hello MG’ and it will allow you over 100 voice commands such as operating sunroof, climate control, and navigation.

Over The Air (OTA) updates with 5G compatibility

The MG i-Smart comes embedded with machine-to-machine (M2M) eSIM based on the platform Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). The feature facilitates downloading over-the-air updates for i-Smart software just like we do in smartphones.

Default apps in the infotainment system

The MG i-smart comes with many applications already loaded in the infotainment.

  • TomTom’s IQ Maps navigation helps you set destinations and navigate. Along with showing the traffic, it shows you alternate routes. You can also select your point of interest such as fuel pumps, malls, etc, in the navigation system.
  • The preloaded Ganna or JioSaavn App in the infotainment system with premium account and download capability serves you a large collection of music and personalized recommendations.
  • The AccuWeather application provides you with real-time weather updates.

i-Smart mobile application

The i-Smart mobile application allows you to monitor your MG car remotely and provides you with real-time updates. Here are the functions the i-Smart mobile application offers:

  • Vehicle scanning to monitor pre-defined parameters
  • Fuel level & vehicle range
  • Lock/ unlock status
  • Lock/ unlock the vehicle remotely
  • Remote controls for the Climate control
  • Find my car: Honking/ Lights blinking/ walk or drive to the car
  • Geofencing
  • Security alert
  • Tyre pressure notification
  • Vehicle Management
  • Create a travel plan & push it to the vehicle
  • i-SMART Smart Drive helps you to drive smartly
  • Speed Alert
  • MG Network information
  • Departure Notification

The Find my car feature lets you know the exact location of your car and provides you walking directions to that. With geofencing, you can outline an area for your car so that you get notified whenever your car crosses its boundary. For security, you can remotely keep an eye on your vehicle and check if anything is on or open such as the sunroof, trunk, etc. Moreover, you get a security alert in case of a critical condition such as abnormal door opening, and abnormal ignition. The Smart Drive feature tracks your driving techniques, braking, acceleration, running idle, to name a few, and helps improve your driving. The i-Smart serves you with the facility to control two or more MG cars through a single mobile application. The departure notification reminds you of the time to move according to pre-set travel plans and timings.

eCall for safety and security

The eCall in an emergency response system in case of an accident. The moment airbags are deployed, the eCall immediately sends the notification to the emergency contacts through SMSes. Simultaneously, the exact car location coordinates are sent to the Pulse Hub, MG customer management centre.

Magnet dealer management system

The Magnet dealer management comprises an integrated platform that connects you to all MG dealers and service centres.

Cars with MG i-Smart

MG AstorMG Astor

The recently launched MG Astor is running a superb stint in India and offers i-Smart connectivity in its Smart and above variants. The ex-showroom price of MG Astor Smart is ₹ 13.28 lakhs.

MG HectorMG Hector

The spearhead of connected car technology in India, MG Hector packs the i-Smart technology in its Smart and above variants. The MG Hector Smart is priced at ₹ 16.94 lakhs (ex-showroom).

MG Hector PlusMG Hector Plus

The elder sibling of Hector, the MG Hector Plus sports the i-Smarts technology in Smart and above variants. The ex-showroom price of MG Hector Plus Smart is ₹ 17.91 lakhs (ex-showroom).

MG GlosterMG Gloster

The most premium MG offering in India, MG Gloster facilitates you with i-Smart technology through its Smart and above variants. The MG Gloster Smart is priced at ₹ 32.78 lakhs (ex-showroom).

MG ZS EV ExclusiveMG ZS EV

The electricity-powered contender from the British automaker, MG ZS EV features i-Smart technology in its top variant, Exclusive. The ex-showroom price of MG ZS EV Exclusive is ₹ 24.68 lakhs.


Which MG cars have i-Smart technology?

All MG cars in India feature i-Smart technology. The MG cars in India are Hector, Hector Plus, Astor, Gloster, and ZS EV.

How many i-Smart features are there in MG Hector?

The MG Hector sports more than 60 features of MG i-Smart.

What music application does MG i-Smart have?

In the MG i-Smart technology, you get either Gaana or JioSaavn application preloaded in the infotainment system.

Which is the cheapest car with MG i-Smart technology?

The most affordable car with MG i-Smart technology is the Smart variant of MG Astor which is priced at ₹13.28 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Does MG i-Smart accept Hindi commands?

The voice assist of i-Smart technology supports both English and Hindi languages.

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