Krishna’s No Compromise Spinny Experience

The uncertainty of the last few months of the lockdown have made the idea of car ownership even more attractive than before. With the relaxation of the lockdown across the country, many are looking to purchase used cars in a safe and contactless manner.

Krishna is one such customer. Based in Bangalore, Krishna had planned to buy a used car before the lockdown but had to wait. With a very young family member at home, he did not want to compromise on the health and safety of his family as buying a used car from a dealer was proving to be too dangerous and time consuming.

I was surprised that Spinny brought completely sanitised cars for the test drive

– Krishna

Instead, Krishna made use of Spinny’s completely online inventory to browse cars and booked a home test drive for two cars within his budget. “I was surprised that Spinny not only brought the cars to my home for the test drive but also ensured that it was completely sanitised,” said Krishna, “After test driving both cars to my satisfaction and with the availability of 1 year warranty and 5 day money back guarantee, I was certain that my purchase would be from Spinny.” With the formalities completed, Krishna took delivery of his Tata Nexon last week at his residence in Bangalore.

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