Kholiya Family takes delivery of Spinny Assured Renault Kwid

Kholiya Family’s No Compromise Spinny for Kids’ Safety


Travelling with the family became easy with cabs becoming easier to use. However, with safety and hygiene becoming a necessity, travelling with your family is safer in your own car.

For a family with two young children, Shikha and Rajesh Kholiya made the decision to upgrade from their two wheeler to a safer and more convenient four wheeler.

Affordable and Convenient

For the young couple, moving from their two wheeler to a car was an obvious decision to make. Travelling anywhere as a family would mean hiring a cab. While this was convenient before, the advent of the global pandemic made cabs unsafe to travel in. This is when the Kholiyas decided it was time to upgrade their vehicle.

“Taking our kids to school on the scooter wasn’t safe anymore. We needed a car for our family.”

-Rajesh Kholiya

With safety on their mind, the couple ruled out visiting multiple car dealers and instead chose to only look through online used car platforms. They soon encountered a lot of poor quality cars online, which made finding a good quality car frustrating and exhausting.

Quality Assured

Their search for a quality used car brought them to Spinny. “At first glance, all of Spinny’s cars appeared to be of good quality. But we wanted to make sure whether what was online was also the same offline,” shares the couple. They booked a home test drive to test the actual quality of the car before they proceeded further.

Kholiya family out for a drive in Spinny Assured Renault Kwid

“I loved the car from the moment I test drove it”

-Shikha Kholiya

The Kholiya family settled on a Spinny Assured Renault Kwid and test drove the red hatchback at their home. “From the moment I switched the car on, I was in love,” shared Shikha about her test drive experience, “The car drove so smoothly that I had no doubts left in my mind.”

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As they wanted to stay as safe as they could, the Kholiya couple also took delivery of their Spinny Assured car right at their doorstep. “Our experience with Spinny was positively unexpected,” adds Rajesh, “I would never have imagined that we could find a car as good as this with all these fantastic conveniences.”

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