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Indian Highway Quiz

#1. In which year national highways authority of India was formed?

#2. Which of the following national highway routes is the longest?

#3. Which of the following highways connects Sikkim with the rest of India?

#4. The National Highway 1 connects:

#5. Which types of roads cover the maximum length in India?

#6. What does green and white milestone depict?

#7. Which is the longest highway of India?

#8. When was the Border Road Development Organization (BRO) setup?

#9. The ‘Grand Trunk Road’ connects?

#10. Which is the longest sea bridge in India?



Your knowledge of highways is impressive! Challenge your friends to see who you will take on your next road trip.

The highways maybe confusing but there’s always Google Maps to help! Share with your friends to test their highway knowledge.

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