A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… this very line popped up in the first few minutes of the history’s most celebrated saga — Star Wars. Star Wars for George Lucas was something that Stairway to Heaven was for Led Zeppelin, what Back in Black was for AC/DC and what The Dark Side of the Moon was for Pink Floyd, their opus magnum. Ironically enough, that very line takes you back to what seems to be even more ancient than the Mesopotamians only to witness technology which is far more advanced than the technology we have now. We look into some of the most pivotal characters and what they would be if they were cars. Brace yourself, a lot of forces are coming.


The following list is highly opinionated, not at all dogmatic and is in order of the character’s badass-ness:

Darth Vader as Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno Darth Vader SpinnyDarth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker is the man on the Dark Side, the Sith Lord and to be fair a complete badass. Pretty much like the Lamborghini Veneno, take a good look at it and you won’t take much time to strike epiphany and see that it’s Darth Vader. The headlights of Veneno are mean looking as if Darth Vader’s very helmet, cool but fierce and the build of the car, the cuts, the contours resembling to that of the Sith Lord gives you a sense of trepidation as it knows that its dominance is prevailing and it knows that he is the father of all the racing embryos which are there in the world. Veneno represents Vader at its very best, his grim and black character, the treacherous will and the ferocity which he carries himself with.   

Yoda as a Mini CooperMini Cooper Yoda Spinny

Looks can be deceptive and having said that you should never judge the most powerful Jedi in the Jedi world who measures up to just 2’5”. Yoda has the strongest connection with the force, except maybe Darth Vader and is short, green and senile. But don’t let his appearance mislead you, he may look like Danny DeVito but has the might of a fully grown Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Similarly, Yoda fits in for a Mini Cooper which has an engine of Bugatti Veyron, or maybe a really powerful BMW engine since Mini’s come with BMW engines under their hood. After all what actually drives a car is what’s under the hood and for Yoda it’s the force.

Han Solo as 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GTFord Mustang Han Solo Spinny

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo. That is how Disney likes to put it when it comes to the captain of the Millennium Falcon and saying that Harrison Ford didn’t do justice to it would be downright blunder. Harrison Ford’s character in the entire saga has been of utmost importance and the way Han Solo was depicted- rough, chivalrous, full of mettle and the cowboyish sarcastic nature fits right in the bill for the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT popularly known as the Bullitt as the car was used in the Steve McQueen starrer “Bullitt”. The GT was rough, muscular, powerful and rebellious. Much like Solo who let his weapons do the talking, the GT had its set of weapons straight- a V-8 engine which produced a brake horsepower of 390. Han Solo who also had a hue of being old school definitely scores in for the GT.

Luke Skywalker as Porsche 911 Turbo S CoupePorsche 911 Turbo S Spinny

Meet Luke Skywalker, he is like Han Solo but a little friendlier. He is the biological son of our very own D. Vader but is nothing like him. The fact that he chose the righteous path of being a Jedi and becoming one of the greatest Jedi Knights the galaxy has ever known makes it evident that he was nothing like his father. Luke Skywalker is an absolute Porsche 911 breed, I mean look at the grey version of the 911 Turbo S Coupe and you’ll be amazed by how strong the reflection is. The 911 is an absolute powerhouse with the Boxer layout 6 cylinder engine below the hood giving it a brake horsepower of 580 is a stunner. The 911 has an uncanny resemblance to Luke Skywalker which is inexplicable in certain ways. 911 has a great repute and has been the possessor of classic lineage pretty much like how the young budding Jedi has carried his Skywalker legacy, this is like passing on the torch  from one generation to another but in this case the torch is a lightsaber.

Chewbacca as Land Rover Discovery SportLand Rover Chewbacca Spinny

Chewbacca is a Wookie warrior and his role in the Star Wars saga is of great importance. He is huge and hairy and entitling him as just Han Solo’s co-pilot won’t be poetic justice, he is more than that, he is more than just a right hand of Han Solo, Chewie is his counter-soul. Chewbacca is a tough one to crack since GrrRRRgggrrrr but if you hear the Land Rover Discovery Sport coming to life when you push that little circular button which says “START/STOP”, you would know that Chewbacca is either on the back seat of the car or he is just hiding under the hood. But honestly when you switch on the engine of this British monstrous SUV, it sounds nothing less to Chewbacca, GrrRRgg… and the meteor solid built of this SUV is just impeccable, the huge chassis and the sturdiness of this SUV resembles Chewbacca perfectly.

Princess Leia Organa as Porsche Carrera GTPorsche Carrera GT Princess Leia Spinny

Princess Leia, one of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance yet somehow managed to pull some fashionable attires at that point of time is a Carrera GT. Yeah in a way I had to do justice to the fact that Leia and Luke were siblings so when you put a little bit of makeup to the 911 Turbo S you get a more fashionable version of it, the Carrera GT. As powerful as the car gets, Leia too is powerful and knows few tricks of the trade herself. Carrera GT has been one of the milestone cars for Porsche and it’s a beautiful machine which seems to be singularly carved out of a beautiful stone, much like Princess Leia who has been a pinup girl for the young lads of the 80’s.

C-3PO as Suzuki SwiftSuzuki Swift C3PO Spinny

C3PO is a translator who can speak more than six million languages. While no car can speak, the Suzuki Swift has sold 4 million units worldwide. Those 4 million people speak a variety of languages, making the Swift a common feature in many languages. In addition to this, C3PO along with R2D2, has witnessed some of the most defining moments of the galaxy. The Suzuki Swift also witnesses some great moments in people’s lives all around the world.

R2-D2 as Tata NanoTata Nano R2D2 Spinny

Accompanied by C-3PO, R2-D2 is a resourceful astromech droid and his enduring friendship with C-3PO is something which warms our heart. This small astromech droid doesn’t appear to be able to do much but always has an ace up it’s sleeve to tackle any situation. The Tata Nano too doesn’t look like it can do much but considering its budget price, it does do a lot more than people think it can do. Also, it does look a lot like the world’s favorite astromech droid.