Iconic Racing Liveries

Racing liveries are probably the most underrated aspect of any racecar. Most of the times they’re there only to carry the logos of all the sponsors but once in a while there are some liveries that go beyond the simple marketing script to become iconic entities themselves. If you want to see automotive art expressed through racing machinery then read on ahead:

Martini Stripes

White, Blue and Red. Three colours and a whole lot of class. Take any car, apply the Martini livery and let the cool factor go through the roof.

Martini Porsche Spinny

The Porsche 928 carrying the classy Martini livery

Jordan Yellow

Jordan is known by most Indians as the team that Narain Karthikeyan his first Formula 1 drive. In the Formula 1 circus, however, Jordan is known for its yellow livery with their distinctive noses, apart from their off-track antics.

Jordan F1 Spinny

The iconic Jordan with their distinctive nose

BMW Art Car

BMW has a history of producing some impressive touring cars. BMW also has a history of combining these cars with beautiful liveries that can only be termed as art. Here’s Jeff Koons contribution to the collection.

BMW Art Car Spinny

Jeff Koons used this BMW M3 GT2 as his canvas to produce another stunning BMW art car

Gulf Oil Simplicity

Vivid orange compliments light cyan to produce a simplistic livery that has speed writtten all over it.

Gulf Oil Ford GT40 Spinny

The iconic Gulf livery on the dominating Ford GT40

Honda Earth Car

For 2007, Honda chose to feature the Earth on their RA107. One thing’s for certain, the Earth looks at home on the Honda.

Honda Earth Car Spinny

The environmental conservation movement takes centre stage on the RA107


Subaru Imprezas look good in blue with gold rims. Rally Imprezas take it further with a complimenting yellow 555 branding.

555 Subaru Spinny

The 555 livery compliments the classic Impreza blue and gold

John Players Special

Black. Gold. That is all you need to create a distinctive racing livery that dominated Formula 1 in the early 1970s. After decades, the livery has been recently revived for the modern Lotus F1 team.

John Players Special Lotus Spinny

The Lotus 77 adorning the JPS black and gold.

Castrol Minimalism

If you think of rallying and Toyota, then the only livery that will come to mind is the red and green accented, white Toyota Celica that is an icon of the rallying world in its own right.

Castrol Toyota Spinny

The Toyota Celica pulling off the Castrol livery.