Hyderabad’s Bizarre ‘Hand Made Automobile’ Museum

Located in the city of Bahadurpura, Hyderabad stands “Sudha Cars Museum”. Established by Sudhakar Yadav (owner and the brain behind the cars), this museum is world renowned for its huge collection of home made cars and motorbikes. These cars are the brainchild of Sudhakar Yadav, who holds a Guinness World Record in his name, and come in the shapes of objects like – a giant burger, sofa, snooker table, high-heeled sandal, tennis ball and even a cricket bat. You read it right! So far Mr. Sudhakar have added around 700 cars and bikes to his collection. According to him, he became hooked to this unusual hobby of building bizarrely shaped cars during his school days, designing his first vehicle at the age of just 14. He adds that he builds everything from junk and each car costs him around 1-1.5 lacs to make. The cars are then displayed in road shows and exhibitions around India.
Not only are these home-made hot wheels weirdly-amazing, but they pack a punch too. Some being able to clock a speed as fast as 45 kms per hour. Also they are road legal too, that means you can drive these cars on road without attracting a challan on your name. The police may not stall you but we can’t vouch for the public who most likely will swarm the roads to get a glimpse of the car. Sudhakar, however, adds that these cars are strictly ‘not-for-sale’.
Your dreams of globetrotting sitting on your sofa ends right here. Furious much? Go out and build your own.

Hyderabad’s Bizarre ‘Hand Made Automobile’ Museum’s Gallery

Which of these ones would you like to drive? Or do you have a crazy idea for a car?
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