How To Wash And Wax Your Car

Maintenance of car is something which is widely discussed among car enthusiasts. Buying a car is one thing and taking care of it, just like a member of your family, is another. Cars do require love and patience, and, in order to make that ride of yours look like it just came out of the showroom, you do have to spend the time to work on it. Sure, there are many car service centers in the city but save your trips for some better reasons like engine maintenance and tyre service. Exterior maintenance is something which is often neglected but is as necessary as personal hygiene. You can give your car that shiny and neat look again by following some easy steps given below:

How To Wash And Wax Your Car

Step 1: Checking if your car needs to be waxed right now (Is it time?)

  • Usually a new car doesn’t need to be waxed for a year. It is when you see the hazy surface and some scratches on your dearest ride that you need to give waxing a thought.
  • Wax manufacturers recommend to wax your car every 45 days in order to maintain its shine and paint. Also, cars in colder regions are required to be waxed often than the ones in hot climatic regions as snow, sleet, salt and chemicals on roads during winter can damage the car exterior.
  • You can also perform old water beading test by noticing how water behaves on the surface of the car during car wash. If it beads on its surface then waxing is not required right now and if it doesn’t then you are ready to go.

water beading

Step 2: Washing your car and preparing it for waxing

  • Before washing your car make sure that it is parked in a shady area.
  • You should never use household soaps or detergents to wash your car as they may contain chemicals which can react with your car’s surface stripping off the paint and causing damage.
  • Wash your car thoroughly with a good quality car wash product. You can also use detailer in between which will give you a squeaky clean surface.


Step 3: Checking for above-the-surface contaminants and polishing your car

  • To remove the contaminants and to prep the surface up for waxing, use a clay bar. The abrasive bar will help in smoothing the surface evenly.

  • After making sure that there are no contaminants left, start polishing your car. Polishing will help in removing the coat properly so that the surface becomes smooth and perfect for waxing.

Step 4: Waxing your car

  • There are many wax products in the market and picking up the best one is a tough task. For lasting protection, use liquid or paste based wax which lasts for around three to four months.
  • Now, divide the surface of your car into parts and start applying the wax with the applicator in circular strokes. You can also buff if required.


  • Let the wax set for few minutes and then start wiping it off with a clean microfiber towel. Remove the wax completely. Your car is ready to shine!
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