How to transfer car ownership in Pune?

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Pune

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Pune, one of the largest cities in the country, is one of the leading automotive manufacturing hubs in India. This makes Pune one of the top automotive centres globally for new and used cars.

With used cars gaining popularity in Pune, many people are becoming owners of used cars. A major part of becoming an owner of a used car is to completely transfer ownership of the car from the previous owner. While the process of ownership transfer is quite straightforward, many believe the process to be complicated and thus, prefer not to engage in the process themselves.

Here is a detailed guide to transfer car ownership in Pune on your own and without the assistance of a third party.

Why is car ownership transfer required?

Car ownership transfer is required when you are selling your car to a second party. It is mandated by law, be it within the state, or from one state to another, to transfer the registration in the hands of the new owner.

The transfer of ownership not only makes you the owner of the car but is also required for important processes like insurance renewal. This transfer usually takes 30-45 working days but may take longer.

At first glance, the entire process of car ownership transfer might seem very cumbersome. However, once you are familiar with the specific documents that are needed as well as the respective fees to be paid, you may prefer to get the process done yourself.

Important Documents

Important Documents

The documents have to be submitted at the local RTO. The documents required for different circumstances are:

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Individual and Individual Company and Individual
Form 29: Notice to change ownership of vehicle Original RC
Form 30: Report of transfer of ownership of vehicle 2 nos. of Form 29
A copy of the buyer’s residence evidence 2 nos. of Form 30
A copy of G.I.R 2 nos. of Form 35
A copy of PUC A copy of PUC
Bank NOC and 2 nos. of Form 35 (if the car is under hypothecation or loan) A copy of the buyer’s residence evidence
A bank certificate for having retained full dues
A copy of the insurance 
Authorization letter and NOC from the company

Note: If the used car is not registered in Pune, you will have to de-register the car from the old RTO as the first step in the ownership transfer process.

Car Ownership Transfer Costs

After submitting the above documents at the RTO, the car buyer needs to pay the fees. The transfer of the ownership gets finished within 30 working days. The RTO officials provide more information on fees. If the documents are submitted beyond the deadline date, then the owner has to submit late fine. The late fine is :

  • Car  – Rs. 500/ month
  • Bike – Rs. 300/month

The final step for car ownership transfer in Pune involves paying any applicable road tax for the car. This tax is only required to be paid when buying a used car from another state.

The exact road tax that you will be required to pay for your car in Pune can be accessed at this government website: Vaahan Know Your MV Tax.

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Many people who buy a used car often view the RC transfer process as being extremely complicated and tedious. While it does involve many steps, if you have all the forms duly filled and submitted on time, the RC transfer can be completed on your own.

The Spinny Convenience

When you buy a used car in Pune from Spinny, the onus of RC transfer is handled by our team. The RC transfer of your car is included in the purchase and does not involve any additional charge. To have your car’s RC transferred to you, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • 2 passport sized coloured photographs
  • Other required documents as per the transfer case

All other document processing is handled by our team. You will be duly notified when the RC has been transferred in your name. With Spinny, the RC of your car is transferred in a timely manner while allowing you to avoid the hassles of having to deal with a time-consuming process.

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