How to Sell your Car for the Best Value

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Whether we buy a new car or go for a pre-owned vehicle, cars are definitely our most prized possession. We spend a substantial chunk of our saving to buy them and therefore lookout for the best price even while selling them off. From choosing the correct selling platform to picking up a perfect selling price, the whole process of selling your vehicle can be quite a tedious task. To help you out with the process, this complete guide on how to properly advertise your car for a quick and beneficial sale.

Step 1: Choosing your preferred platform

Perhaps the most important thing that determines the value of your car is the platform where you chose to sell it. From online websites and apps to authorized dealers and commission-based brokers,choosing the correct platform is a crucial decision. With each platform offering different advantages,here is a list of a few platforms where you can sell your cars.

Offline Sale via Brokers and Dealers

Offline Car Sale

Since a very long time, the majority of the used car industry was being dominated by offline sales of pre-owned vehicles through brokers and dealers. By choosing to sell your car to an authorized dealer or a commission-based broker, you can ensure that your car sells quickly and with proper documentation. However, dealing with a broker or a dealer would also mean that you won’t be able to fetch a higher price for your vehicle since dealers usually offer a lower price to make a profit. Moreover, brokers usually charge a high brokerage fee that could range from 2-4% of your car’s value, which ultimately makes your sale less advantageous. Therefore the best possible way to ensure a fair price and avoid the brokerage is to sell your car online.

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Online classifieds websites

With a change in technology and a rising demand for pre-owned vehicles, the used car industry is now dominated by car selling websites and platforms that make your selling process convenient and hassle-free. With a plethora of new players entering the market each day, choosing the best online classifieds websites is what determines a smooth sale. The top classifieds websites such as OLX, Droom, CarDekho, CarTrade etc offer a smooth and hassle-free online marketplace for selling and buying of cars and are often open for anyone to make an account and start selling. However, since the online classifieds platforms are open to all, the flexible registration methods and ad posting policies can also lead to frauds and scams. As compared to the offline platforms, selling your car on online classifieds websites, takes much more time and effort of ensuring proper documentation and transfer.

Online Valuation and Sales Platforms 

Sell Car online

To tackle the hassle and uncertainty of the online classifieds platforms, there are plenty of online valuation and sales platforms available nowadays. Spinny Cars, being one of them offer a door-step inspection and instant offer for your used car. By selling your used car with Spinny, you can skip the hassle and uncertainty of your car’s sale, and sell your used car in a single day. That’s not all. At Spinny, we take care of all your paperwork and post-sale obligations so that you can enjoy your peace of mind.

Step 2: Knowing your vehicle’s worth

Car's Worth

The best way to ensure that you get your preferred car selling price is by getting your car valuated. This can be done either by visiting your nearest authorized car showroom or choosing a reliable and convenient online valuation platform like Spinny. With proper inspection and valuation, you can have a clear idea about your car’s market price based on its key factors like model, age, condition and documentation available. And with a clear price in mind, you can go ahead and sell your used car through any one of your preferred platforms.

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Step 3: Writing descriptions and posting online

Writing Description

If you chose to sell your used car through an online marketplace, you can make sure that your car strikes the best possible price by writing a strong and detailed description. While describing your car, always remember to describe key details like manufacturing year and month, the number of owners, insurance availability, service history, kilometers covered, accessories fitted and a reason for selling. Don’t exaggerate, but at the same time make sure to put forth your car’s advantages such as single owner, low mileage, high fuel efficiency, accident-free, less driven, original paint, extended warranty, etc. Before posting the advertisement, try to attach as many photographs of used car as possible. Click from different angles to showcase your car’s condition and maintenance.

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Step 4: Prepare your car and documentation

Car Documentation

No matter what platform you choose for the sale, when it comes to selling a car, the first impression is the last one. This is why a clean and tidy car always fetches more money than the one which is dirty and unkempt. Before showing your car to a prospective buyer, or clicking its picture, or even before taking it out for a valuation, make sure that your car is cleaned and topped up with essential fluids. Make all necessary repairs and mechanical touches before showing off your car. Once you are ready with your car, organize all relevant documents such as service history, battery cars, PUC, insurance, ownership details, etc. into a neat folder.

Step 5: Fix a deal and sell your car

FInal Goodbye

After negotiating the price if you are willing to, finalize the deal after ensuring the credibility of the buyer. Make sure to talk about all the legal requirements and documents required for a valid transfer. Once you get a fair price and a good and credible deal, sell your used car and say goodbye!

Still, confused? Visit to get the best value of your used car and experience a hassle-free car selling experience. At Spinny we handle all post-sale documentation so that you can enjoy your peace of mind.

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