How to Sanitize your Car against Coronavirus for a Safe Drive

The coronavirus pandemic has made hygiene and hygienic practices more important to remain safe from the virus and to prevent its spread. We have adopted regularly washing our hands with soap for 20 minutes as well as wearing masks whenever we go out. However, while this takes care of spread from direct sources, there are indirect sources where you can get the virus from.

One of those sources is your car. While you should only head out for essential supplies, your car could be exposed to the coronavirus. This article will guide you on the surfaces you need to sanitise to make your car safe to drive.

Door Handles

The door handles are your first point of contact with your car. This requires thorough cleaning with an alcohol-based solution to ensure the handles are sanitised and safe for use.

Seats and Mats

While the seats and mats may not be the most direct places for the virus to cultivate, they still need to be cleaned thoroughly. Mats can simply be dusted and washed. For car seats, use a cleaner that is appropriate for the material on the seat.

Rearview Mirrors

If your rearview mirrors are not completely automated, then the exterior shell and glass of the rearview mirror should be cleaned with an alcohol-based solution.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is a major touch point while driving and it makes sense to keep this part as safe as possible. Use alcohol-based solutions to clean the rim and center thoroughly. If the wheel has leather covers, then use an appropriate leather cleaner to sanitize the wheel.

Gear Stick

The gear stick is also a regularly touched surface. Focus on the gear knob when sanitising to ensure proper cleaning before focusing on the base. Using an alcohol-based solution will provide the best cleaning.

Switches and Infotainment System

The switches on the car’s door and the infotainment or radio system are a regular touch point for you and your passengers. Cleaning with an alcohol-based solution will ensure your passengers are safe from any any residue on the switches.

AC Vents

The AC vents could spread germs and virus if not cleaned regularly. Use a soft brush to sanitise between the vents to properly sanitise the AC vent. Make sure to also clean around the AC vent as well to ensure that the air circulated is safe.


The dashboard is a major part of your car’s interior that is regularly touched. Thoroughly clean the dashboard with an alcohol-based solution to remove any residue and viruses from the surface.

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