How to maintain a CNG car?

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CNG cars have managed to work their way into Indian lifestyles very smoothly and gained impressive popularity in the last decade given their cheaper running costs and eco-friendly nature. On the maintenance side, CNG cars require a bit more care than petrol cars do, however, the list of CNG car maintenance tips that we have prepared will help you out greatly.

Set the car in the auto-fuel mode

When the auto-fuel mode is on, the engine firstly starts in petrol mode, and when its temperature rises to a certain point it automatically switches to CNG mode. The automatic fuel mode is highly beneficial for the overall condition of the engine, as the fuel helps lubricate the engine optimally.

Always Park the car in the shade

Cars parked in the shade

In CNG cars, the cylinder consists of gas which evaporates quicker than petrol and diesel do. This is why it’s always advised to park a CNG car in shaded spaces. It also helps you avoid stepping into the heated cabin of your car, due to scorching sun rays. This is probably the easiest maintenance tip you should follow frequently.

Spark plug check-ups

Spark plugs for CNG cars differ significantly from those for petrol cars, as the gap between the spark source and the metallic tip is shorter in CNG spark plugs. Ensure the spark plugs in your cars are meant for CNG cars. It is recommended to replace the spark plugs every 10,000 km.

Clean or replace the air filters

Air filter of the engine

Dirty air filters substantially hamper the fuel efficiency of a CNG car. Regularly check the air filters in your car. Air filters are recommended to be cleaned and replaced every 5000 km in a timely manner.

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Keep the throttle body clean

Throttle body

The throttle body controls the throttle response of the car and is connected to the air filter. When the air filter is being examined, check the throttle body as well and have it cleaned if found dirty.

Filter cartridges replacement

Filter cartridges are commonly known as CNG filters. Cartridges of the reducer filter and Low-pressure filters need to be replaced every 40,000 km and 20,000 km respectively. Duly replacement of the cartridges prolongs the engine’s life.

CNG cylinder check-ups

CNG cylinder

For starters, don’t drive your car too long on low CNG, as it reduces the cylinder pressure and develops the risk of valve explosion. Keep the regular flow of petrol in the engine and fuel tank as well. Moreover, don’t forget to change the valves regularly, as they wear out after a certain age.

Check for CNG leakage

In case you sense a CNG leakage, don’t panic. Instead, switch the engine off, and shut off the cylinder’s outlet to prevent the gas flow out of the car. Don’t think of running the car on petrol. Immediately call any reliable service centre for further handling.


What are venturi CNG kits?

The design of the venturi CNG kits is similar to that of the carburetor, and it works similarly as well. In the intake stroke, a venturi kit adds a specific amount of gas to fuel and injects it into the cylinder. You need to switch to the CNG mode and petrol mode manually. A venturi kit could be installed in any type of car. Apart from the advantage of cheaper cost and simple structure, Venturi kits have more disadvantages i.e., the frequent need for maintenance, less pick up, and stalling occasionally.

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What are sequential CNG kits?

In sequential CNG kits, the injection of gas is controlled electronically by a separate ECU (Electronic control unit). Sequential injection kits can be installed in the car which has electronic fuel injection systems. Sequential CNG Kits are highly beneficial as it results in better mileage, better performance, and relatively less frequent maintenance.

What is a CNG car?

A car that uses CNG as fuel is a CNG car. CNG refers to Compressed Natural Gas which is made by compressing Methane gas – CH4 to less than 1% of its volume. CNG is safer and eco-friendlier than other fuel types.

Whether a CNG car would be good for long distance highway driving?

If a car runs 15,000 to 16,000 km a year (a bit more than average running), CNG fuel would be a great choice. It will save a lot of fuel and maintenance costs.

Does CNG have better fuel economy?

CNG is significantly light and clean and when used as fuel, it reduces engine stress and allows it to produce better fuel efficiency. However, the cost of CNG is much lower than that of other fuels, which then turns into the cheaper running cost of driving a CNG car.

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