How to get a duplicate RC – Online And Offline 

A duplicate RC is required when the original registration certificate is lost or damaged for any reason. Why is the RC required? A vehicle registration certificate or RC is one of the most important documents to be carried by the vehicle owner while driving their vehicle as it acts as proof that the owner’s vehicle is legally registered. Usually, an RC is valid for 15 years, and not carrying the RC when driving a motor vehicle can result in penalties by the traffic police. But if the RC gets damaged or lost, one can easily apply for a duplicate RC either online or offline. Here are the details on how to apply for duplicate RC online and offline, and the different documents required for it. 

What is Duplicate RC?

A duplicate RC is issued to the registered vehicle owner when the registration certificate of the vehicle is lost, mangled or torn. A duplicate RC is basically a copy of the original RC of a particular vehicle that is registered with an RTO. In case of reapplying, one can apply for a duplicate RC or smart RC card. In order to get a duplicate RC, one has to lodge a police complaint in the same area where it was stolen or lost.  In case of a damaged or torn RC, there is no need to file a police complaint but the original RC will have to be produced when required.. While applying for a duplicate RC either online or offline mode, one must submit a copy of the F.I.R.

How to Apply for Duplicate RC Online

Here are the steps to be followed to apply for a duplicate RC online: 

  • Step 2: Select the state and the RTO office of your city
  • Step 3: Share the details of the motor vehicle and click ‘proceed’
  • Step 4: A new page will appear showing the detailed information of your vehicle
  • Step 5: After the checking the vehicle information displayed, select from the service menu the option – ‘Duplicate Registration Certificate’
  • Step 6: Enter the last five digits of the vehicle’s chassis number and click on submit
  • Step 7: Fill Form 26 with all the necessary details and upload the form along with the required documents. Click ‘Submit’
  • Step 8: Pay for the duplicate RC and take a print out of the acknowledgement slip and application form 
  • Step 9: Submit the form along with all the other documents at the nearest RTO
  • Step 10: After the initial verification, the RTO will issue the duplicate RC

How to Apply for Duplicate RC Offline

The following are the steps for applying for a duplicate RC offline:

  • Step 1: If the RC is lost or stolen, file an F.I.R at the nearest police station. Mention in the F.I.R all the important details of the vehicle whose RC was stolen or lost such as the vehicle model, make, colour, chassis number, registration number and the owner’s details. 
  • Step 2: Get a notarized affidavit on a stamp paper of 20 rupees where it will be stated that the vehicle owner has lost the RC of the vehicle.
  • Step 2: After the F.I.R is filed, take  a copy of the complaint to the RTO where the   vehicle was originally registered and submit the copy of the police complainant there. 
  • Step 3: Download form 26 and submit it at the RTO by filling in all the necessary details and a passport size photograph.
  • Step 4: Get a NOC from the bank from where the loan was taken to purchase the vehicle. A NOC is required to check if the car or vehicle has any due taxes to be paid and that the vehicle was not involved in any illegal activities.  
  • Step 5: Submit all the required documents – Form 26, original notarized affidavit, F.I.R in case of the loss of RC, Insurance certificate, NOC from bank, PUC certificate, address proof of the owner, and then pay the application fees at the RTO for the duplicate RC and collect the acknowledgement receipt that will help you track the status of the RC duplicate. 

What are the Documents Required for Duplicate RC

For a duplicate RC, the following documents are required: 

  • Form 26, application for duplicate RC
  • NOC from financier, if any
  • Original “Registration certificate,” in case it is damaged
  • Affidavit stating the loss of the registration certificate
  • Insurance policy certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Fitness certificate (in case of transport vehicle)
  • A passport size photograph
  • F.I.R in case if the RC is lost
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner

What is the Fee Structure for Duplicate RC?

The fee structure for a duplicate RC according to the Motor Vehicle Act, rule no. 53(2) are –

Vehicle TypeFee Structure Of Duplicate RC
Invalid Carriage₹25
Non-Transport Light Motor Vehicle₹300
Transport Light Motor Vehicle₹500
Medium Goods Vehicle₹500
Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle₹500
Heavy Goods Vehicle₹750
Heavy Passenger Vehicle₹750
Imported Motor Vehicle₹2500
Imported Motorcycle₹1250
Other Types Of Vehicle₹1500

How much time does it take for duplicate RC?

In order to get a duplicate certificate, one has to wait for a period of 15 to 30 days from the date of submission and once the processing is completed, the owner of the vehicle can download the duplicate RC from the Parivahan online portal. 

Summary on Duplicate RC

The registration certificate (RC) of a vehicle is a mandatory document that one must carry while driving his motor vehicle on the roads. In case the RC of the vehicle gets damaged or stolen, then the owner of the vehicle must immediately get a duplicate one or get it replaced by an RC smart card. Keep in mind while driving or riding a vehicle if one does not carry the motor vehicle’s RC, even if it’s damaged, one might have to pay a penalty. This article helps you understand how one can apply online or offline for a duplicate RC in case the original gets damaged or lost, the various documents required to get a duplicate RC issued by the RTO and the process involved in it. A duplicate RC usually takes 15-30 days to be given by the RTO to the vehicle owner. 

FAQs about How to apply for Duplicate RC

Can I get duplicate RC online?

Yes, one can apply for a duplicate RC online by visiting the parivahan website and clicking on the option ‘Online Services’. Then select ‘Vehicle Related Services’ and enter the ‘Registration Number’, ‘Chassis Number’ and generate the ‘OTP’. Once the OTP is received on the registered mobile number, click on the ‘Submit’ button and select ‘Issue of Duplicate RC’ and click on ‘Submit’. Click on ‘Issue of duplicate RC’ under ‘Service Details’ and fill in all the details before hitting the ‘Submit’ button. Upload the required documents and pay the required fees. 

What is the procedure to get a duplicate RC book online?

To get a duplicate RC book online in case the registration certificate is lost or destroyed, one must first report to the police station under which jurisdiction the incident occurred and intimate the same in writing to the registering authority by whom the certificate of registration was issued. Apply for a duplicate certificate of registration to the last registering authority by filling up Form 26 and submitting the necessary documents along with it. Pay the  appropriate fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 to the RTO.

What are the fees for duplicate RC?

  1. The fees are varying depending on the type of vehicle – 

Invalid Carriage Rs. 25, Motorcycle Rs. 150, Non-Transport Light Motor Vehicle Rs. 300, Transport Light Motor Vehicle Rs. 500, Medium Goods Vehicle Rs. 500, Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle Rs. 500, Heavy Goods Vehicle Rs. 750, Heavy Passenger Vehicle Rs. 750, Imported Motor Vehicle Rs. 2500,Imported Motorcycle Rs. 1250, Other Types Of Vehicle Rs. 1500

How can I download duplicate RC from Parivahan?

Yes, one can download the duplicate RC from Parivahan portal by following these simple steps – Visit the parivahan website and click on ‘Online Services’ and then click on ‘Vehicle Related Services’ from the dropdown menu. A new page will appear, select the ‘State Name’ and a new page will be opened. Either register or login using the sign up details. Enter your registration no and select the ‘State RTO’ from the menu. Next, tap on the ‘Download Document’ option and click on the RC print option. Next, enter the vehicle details like the registration number and the chassis number on the next page and validate it. An OTP will be generated in your registered mobile no. Enter that OTP and then download the RC print. 

Is the fee structure of a duplicate RC same for all states?

Yes, the fee structure for a duplicate RC is same for all the states in India.

Is an insurance certificate necessary to apply for a duplicate RC?

Yes, an insurance certificate is also required to get a duplicate RC along with the other necessary documents and Form 26. 


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